Mobile Push Features & Questions

Common questions about OneSignal's Mobile Push Notifications

Common Features Setup

Add your External User IDs

If you are tracking user data in a database or CRM, you likely have your own custom user ids. Each OneSignal SDK provides a setExternalUserId method so you can send us your "external_user_ids" and target them with our Create Notification REST API using "include_external_user_ids" parameter.

Setting External User Ids also allows you to leverage List Upload which allows you to send a CSV of your user data to tag and segment devices in bulk.

See our Internal Database, DMP, & CRM for more details.


Track events and actions within your app or site resulting from push notifications from OneSignal.

Find out more in our Outcomes Guide.

Add User Data Tags

Tags let you build more personalized messages by grouping users around topics and adding variable data to push notifications.

Find out more here:

Automated Message Campaigns

Setup drip campaigns to target users based on events the user performs or how long the device has been inactive on your app/site.

See Automated Messages.

Add a Custom Permission Message

Permission messages increase the likelihood users will choose to receive your notifications. iOS Apps require opt-in which can be setup following iOS Push Opt-In Prompt. This is also a great introduction to In-App Messaging.

Add Notification Categories

Categories let you differentiate between different types of notifications you send, and give users control of which messages to opt-in to.

Android 8+ highly recommends adding your own Android Notification Categories.

Add Email

If you collect emails from users, you can enable OneSignal Email Messaging, which allows you to send emails in addition to push.

Transactional Messages

Sending messages to specific users when an action is performed, like billing completion. See Transactional Messages or Setup Transactional Emails.

Rich Media

Add large images to notifications for increased effect. Learn more.

Notification Sounds

Provide a more unique, branded experience for your app every time a notification is received with Custom Notification Sounds.

Use Action Buttons

Action Buttons let users take action directly within a notification, streamlining the user experience.

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