Retargeting Messages

Send messages to users based on previous interactions.

Sending messages is just the first step in your customer-engagement journey. How you follow up with users based on their interactions with those messages is the key to happy long-term relationships.

OneSignal provides notification retargeting based on user interactions or lack thereof. When you send a notification through OneSignal, you can return to the OneSignal Dashboard and retarget the users that performed any of the following actions based on that message.

Retargeting is a Paid Plan Feature on the Pro and Enterprise plans.


Retargeting Support for Email and SMS

Currently, Retargeting is limited to Push Notifications.

Coming Soon: Other channels (Email, SMS) and cross-channel retargeting e.g send an email to users that did not click the push notification.

Please reach out to OneSignal support to check the status if you need it sooner.

Retargeting Steps

Selecting the main notification for retargeting

In Messages or Delivery, select a message for which you want to retarget the users.


In the top-right of the message, select Retarget.


Selecting the users for retargeting

Select the users you want to retarget based on their actions on the main notification. Following user actions are available for retargeting.

Clicked this messagePressed on the notification that opened the app or website
Did not click this messageDid not press the notification resulting in opening the app or website
Confirmed delivery of this messageThe device confirmed receiving the notification.
Did not confirm delivery of this messageThe device could not confirm receiving the notification.
Note: There are scenarios in which a device might not be able to send the confirmed delivery receipt. This doesn't mean the notification was not delivered or clicked.
Sent this messageThe notification was sent to the device

Creating the retargeting message

Create and send your new push notification retargeting those users.
Note: You cannot select a non-retarget segment or combine another segment with the "Retarget Users" segment.


Scheduling the retargeting message

Since notification event data (clicks, deliveries, sent, etc) is only available for 30 days, you can only schedule the retarget notification 30 days from the date of the original notification.

Retargeting FAQ

When will this be available for other messaging channels?

Great question! This feature is coming soon to all channels. Please contact support if you need it sooner.

Why don't I see my previously sent notifications?

If you sent the push through our API or Automated Message, it will have been deleted after around 30 days.

Why can't I retarget my previously sent messages?

Messages created 30 days or older will not be able to be retargeted.

If you were originally on a plan that did not have retargeting access, then upgraded to a plan that does support retargeting, those previously created messages cannot be used for retargeting. We only store message data from when you convert to the upgraded plan, not historic data.

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