Hey! These docs are for version 7.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 9.0!

Rich Media

Concepts - Adding additional media to notifications

Rich Media refers to images, gifs, video, audio and action buttons. Not all platforms support rich media notifications.


Notification Image Recommendations

See our Notification Appearance Guide for recommended image sizes, filetypes and dimensions.

Android and Web Push support images in notifications.

Rich Notifications

iOS 10+

Apple introduced the concept of Rich Notifications in iOS 10, which allow deeper interaction with your app from the notification itself. These are great for short interactions that do not require the full app experience, and represent the growing importance of notifications to an app's user experience.

Rich notifications side-step the process of tapping a notification, unlocking the phone, waiting for the app to load, and then interacting with the app, by creating opportunities for short interactions within the notification itself.

OneSignal fully supports iOS 10 rich notifications. You can read more about Rich Notifications in our blog post on iOS Customizations.

At a technical level, there are two types of rich notifications: content extensions and media attachments.

Content Extensions

Content extensions allow developers to add custom views of their app within a notification. For instance, this notification lets the user view the relevant details of their calendar when responding to a meeting invite.


Media Attachments

Media attachments allow developers to attach URLs to relevant content. This is great for live events, photo tagging, and game updates, as well as all sorts of other visual content. Pictures speak a thousand words, and video more so, and with media attachments its never been easier to transport users into another place at the touch of a button. In the following example, a travel app could prompt users with visuals of a wonderful destination:

Support media formats

Media formats supported by iOS 10.

Make sure the hosted image, video or audio is a direct link to the resource. If it does not end in a correct file extension (listed File Type's below), you can add for example &file=type.mp4 (use your resource's correct .file_extension) to the end of the url so our SDK recognizes this as a media url.


Recommended Image Size

iOS does not have a max resolution size however it is recommend not to go over 4K (4096x4096) as no iOS display is above this resolution.

See our Notification Appearance Guide for recommended image sizes, filetypes and dimensions.

AttachmentFile TypeMax Size
Audioaif / aiff5MB