Hey! These docs are for version 7.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 9.0!

Select your platform below for setup instructions to add OneSignal to your app.

## Mobile Platform Support

SDKiOSAndroidHuaweiAmazon Fire
[React Native & Expo](🔗)YesYes[Yes](🔗)Yes
[Ionic (v1 - 5) & Capacitor](🔗)YesYes[Yes](🔗)Yes

## Other SDKs

SDKs maintained by 3rd Parties or limited support

SDKiOSAndroidHuaweiAmazon Fire
[Corona / Solar2D](🔗)YesYesNoYes
[Adobe Air](🔗)YesYesNoNo

## Desktop Platform Support

[MacOS Apps](🔗)
[Windows UWP Apps](🔗)
[Chrome Apps / Extensions](🔗)

#### Deprecated SDKs

[Windows Phone](🔗)

Looking for Website Support?

Web SDK Setup in [Web Push Quickstart](🔗).

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