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OneSignal Features - Integrating OneSignal with Zapier

For Developers
For Marketers

The OneSignal integration with Zapier lets you automate tedious manual tasks like sending out notifications or sharing sent notifications with the team—without any code. Connect OneSignal to 650+ other web apps with workflows called Zaps and you can fire off notifications when you tweet, post on your blog, add a row to your spreadsheet, and more. You can create automations from scratch on Zapier, or try one of these examples to get started right now:

Check out some of our Zaps below!

Send OneSignal push notifications for new RSS items
Send OneSignal push notifications for new posts on your Wordpress blog
Send OneSignal push notifications every week
Send OneSignal push notification reminders for upcoming Google Calendar events
Send OneSignal push notifications when a Twitter user posts a tweet
See more OneSignal integrations powered by Zapier

Example Use-Cases

These assume you set up your OneSignal account with Zapier already.

Trigger a Recurring Notification

1. Click "Make A Zap!" in your Zapier Dashboard

Select "Schedule" Trigger

You may need to search for this in the search bar

Choose your trigger:

Set up the Schedule:

(If the "Time of Day" set has already passed, it will send the next time.)

Continue till "Set up this step" screen

2. Set up this step

Select OneSignal

  • "Send Push Notification" for simple notifications
  • "Send Advanced Push Notification" for more options.

Select Your OneSignal Account

Create Your Notification Template and Test

Make sure to "Skip Test & Continue" if you do not want to send the notification right now.

3. Click "Finish", name your zap... and turn it on:


Can I add a template to a Zap?

Yes you can!

First create a template in your OneSignal Dashboard. See our Templates section for more details on templates.

Inside Zapier on your OneSignal Action. Under "Send Push Notification" choose "Send Advanced Push Notification"

Continue to "Set Up Template" step and find the "Template ID" section.

You can find the Template ID inside your Dashboard > Templates > Click the Template you want to use and the ID is the last set of numbers after the last / in the URL.

For example:

When you are viewing your template, your URL will look like this:

In this case, the Template ID is: 589b29b0-e107-4c6b-a60d-951416eb3b9a

Can I override the template if I add other data to the fields in my Zap?

Yes you will. All data that you enter into the Zap will override any data you added to your Template.
So if you added a message to your template and to your Zap. The Zap message will override the Template message, meaning you will not see the message on your Template.

How do I set Timezone and Intelligent Delivery options in Zapier?

First make sure you selected "Send Advanced Push Notification" on step 2 above

Then on the "Edit Template" section of Zapier, find "Scheduling Per-User Delay Option"

  • Immediate means at the time you specify to everyone
  • Timezone will only send during each device's timezone
  • Last-Active is the same as Intelligent Delivery

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OneSignal Features - Integrating OneSignal with Zapier

For Developers
For Marketers

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