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OneSignal features - Templates

Templates are reusable designs for notifications. Providing the same options from New Message, templates let you specify a unique look and functionality of notifications, including adding Action Buttons, Custom Sounds, Icons (Android), and functionality changes such as collapsing and grouping notifications.

The Templates page shows the list of templates you have created, and basic statistics on their performance (notifications opened and sent).

Create Templates

Messages > Templates

To create a new template, click the New Template button in Templates. This brings you to a page identical to the New Message page, but instead of sending a message, you are modifying options to create a template. Click Create to create the template and confirm the options you've just set.

Templates may also be created by duplicating previous templates from the Templates page:

Sending Notifications using Templates

Once you've created a template, to send a notification using that template click the Options button and click New Message.

This will pre-populate the template options you've set into a new message. You can override these options (such as changing text, an icon, etc) when creating a message, by simply filling in different options. For details on these options, see New Message.

Using templates to track performance of recurring messages

Whenever you send a notification with a template, it's performance is tracked by OneSignal in the Templates page of your Dashboard.

This will get tracked whether it is sent from Templates, the API, used for an Automated Messages, and/or used for A/B Testing.

Best practice is to have different templates for each use case so you can monitor how well your template campaigns are converting.

SentThe number of devices in which this template was delivered. If you send the template once but target 793 devices, it will show 793.
OpenedThe number of times the template was clicked.
Conversion(Opened / Sent) x 100%

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OneSignal features - Templates

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