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OneSignal is in the process of migrating from a device-centric model (player ID) to a new user-centric data model (OneSignal ID). In the new user-centric world, Users have a OneSignal ID, and what was the player ID is now known as the Subscription ID.

To learn more, check out the User Model Beta Overview.

Please refer to Version 9 of our documentation for device-centric information.

This endpoint is used to read onesignal_id and all aliases for a given user. The subscription_id path parameter is used to identify the User.

The response body will contain identity, an IdentityObject that contains onesignal_id, a UUID, and a key-value dictionary of each alias_label and alias_id that is set on the given user.

This endpoint behaves identically to View user identity endpoint but identifies the user with a subscription_id rather than alias_label and alias_id pair.