Create a new user or modify the subscriptions associated with an existing User.


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OneSignal is in the process of migrating from a device-centric model (player ID) to a new user-centric data model (OneSignal ID). In the new user-centric world, Users have a OneSignal ID, and what was the player ID is now known as the Subscription ID.

To learn more, check out the User Model Migration Guide.

Please refer to Version 9 of our documentation or Version 9 of our API Reference for device-centric information.


Caution when combining with Pre-User Model APIs

If you are still using the pre-User Model APIs or SDKs (Mobile SDKs 4 or less, Web SDK 15 or less), then we advise testing this endpoint before switching. There may be cases where the External ID set with the SDK and the External ID set with the API do not produce matching OneSignal IDs.

If you are still using pre-User Model SDKs (Mobile SDKs 4 or less, Web SDK 15 or less), you should consider either:

This endpoint may:

  • Create a User.
  • Create new Subscriptions or transfer existing Subscriptions to a User.
  • Add new Aliases.
  • Update user properties.

A user can have at most 20 subscriptions, you cannot add more than 20 subscriptions to a single user.

Aliases are updated synchronously and user properties are updated asynchronously.

These functionalities are tailored and recommended for the SDKs. See Onboarding With OneSignal for more details.