Chrome Extension SDK Setup

Instructions for adding the OneSignal Chrome App SDK to your Chrome Extension


No longer being updated

Our Chrome App Extension is no longer being updated, however it is open source if you would like to contribute:

Required For Setup

1. Import OneSignal

1.1 Download the latest OneSignal Chrome App SDK.

1.2 Copy OneSignal.js to your App/Extension project folder.

1.3 Continue to 2A if you have a Chrome App.
Or continue to 2B if you have a Chrome Extension.

2A. Add OneSignal to a Chrome App

2A.1 Open your manifest.json and add OneSignal.js before you own background.js.

"app": {
    "background": {
      "scripts": ["OneSignal.js", "background.js"]

Background HTML Page

If your manifest.json contains a background page instead of scripts, then add OneSignal.js to your background HTML page before your own background.js.

2A.2 In your manifest.json add the following 5 permissions to your permissions array.

"permissions": ["gcm", "storage", "notifications", "identity", "browser"],

2A.3 Continue to step 3.

2B. Add OneSignal to a Chrome Extension

2B.1 Open your manifest.json and add OneSignal.js before you own background.js.
Create new blank background.js file if you don't have a background script already.

"background": {
  "persistent": false,
  "scripts": ["OneSignal.js", "background.js"]

2B.2 In your manifest.json, add the following permissions to your permissions array:

"permissions": ["gcm", "storage", "notifications", "identity"],

Permission Warnings

Adding some of these permissions, if they were not already present, may require users to re-allow your extension after an update. The list of new permissions that may cause this is available here.

Note that in Chrome 50, there is a bug that causes the "notifications" permission to cause this warning. You can find our more about this bug here.

3. Add Required Code

3.1 Open your background.js file and add the following line outside of any function so it runs when your app/extension is loaded.

Replace appId with your OneSignal App Id, and googleProjectNumber with your own as well.

OneSignal.init({appId: "b2f7f966-d8cc-11e4-bed1-df8f05be55ba",
                googleProjectNumber: "703322744261"});

Done! You should be all set to go with your Chrome App or Extension app.