Google Analytics for Firebase

OneSignal will automatically send notification events to your analytics dashboard if Google Analytics for Firebase is correctly implemented. Works with iOS and Android.

Google Analytics for Firebase is an event-tracking tool provided for free by Google Firebase. It allows you to easily track events within your app and analyze them later using various filters.


UTM Parameters Not Supported

This integration does not support UTM parameters to the launch URL.

On Web, the GA code will capture the values based on URL in the browser.

On Mobile, you will need to capture these values and pass to GA. Our Notification Opened Event Handler can be used to get the notification payload.


The OneSignal SDK tracks events that pertain to notification open & receive events. The following events are sent:

Event NamePurpose
os_notification_openedA OneSignal notification was opened
os_notification_receivedA OneSignal notification was received. (Android Only)
os_notification_influence_openAn application was opened within 2 minutes of a OneSignal notification being received.
(iOS requires additional setup)

The OneSignal SDK also sends parameters which contain more info about the particular notification the event is attributed to:

Parameter NameParameter ValuePurpose
source"OneSignal"To attribute this event's source to the OneSignal SDK
medium"notification"A formal indication that the medium for the event is a notification
notification_idthe notification_id from a particular OneSignal notificationYou can attribute a notification ID to a particular "sent" notification on the dashboard
campaignIf using a template:
If not:
First 10 letters of the headings API property or notification Title.
Campaigns are a way to group notifications that are similar, such as notifications using the same template or title.

Setup OneSignal events integration with Google Analytics for Firebase

Step 1. Setup Firebase

Follow the Firebase integration documentation and verify that Firebase is correctly functioning inside your application.

Step 2. Enable Firebase In OneSignal

Navigate to Settings > Analytics and Enable "Google Analytics for Firebase".

This will begin sending event data to Firebase. If you wish to track influenced opens on iOS, you will need to perform some additional setup due to limitations in Firebase.


Step 3. Verify OneSignal Events

A. Verify that Firebase is attempting to send events related to OneSignal notifications

Check in your application's LogCat logs and look for Google Analytics for Firebase entries that indicate events corresponding to OneSignal are being sent. Look for os_notification_opened,os_notification_received, or os_notification_influence_open


B. Go to the Firebase Console for your project


C. Follow the DebugView Setup Guide

The DebugView allows ADB to send Firebase events to your project when it's in debug mode.
Here is a great video on this for iOS:

Example Debug Logs

2021-09-22 14:58:20.731918-0700 OneSignalDemo[33301:1350721] 7.0.0 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS023073] Debug mode is enabled. Marking event as debug and real-time. Event name, parameters: os_notification_opened, {
    campaign = Firebase t;
    ga_debug (_dbg) = 1;
    ga_event_origin (_o) = app;
    ga_realtime (_r) = 1;
    medium = notification;
    notification_id = 2ecdd9bf-b2c0-443e-b5b2-7983d453c746;
    source = OneSignal;
2021-09-22 14:58:20.749723-0700 OneSignalDemo[33301:1350721] 7.0.0 - [Firebase/Analytics][I-ACS023072] Event logged. Event name, event params: os_notification_opened, {
    campaign = Firebase t;
    ga_debug (_dbg) = 1;
    ga_event_origin (_o) = app;
    ga_realtime (_r) = 1;
    medium = notification;
    notification_id = 2ecdd9bf-b2c0-443e-b5b2-7983d453c746;
    source = OneSignal;

D. As OneSignal events propagate, they will appear in real-time on the DebugView


E. Your application has been verified to track OneSignal notification events through Google Analytics for Firebase!


You're Done!

Google Analytics for Firebase is now set up to receive OneSignal events.


Why are the clicked and opened events not showing in Firebase?

The Firebase click event os_notification_opened and received event os_notification_received may not work if the Firebase library has not initialized in time so the Firebase library drops the event. More details on this github issue.


Firebase Full Integration Guide

Link your Firebase Database and use Firebase Cloud Functions with OneSignal following our Firebase Setup Tutorial.

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