Two-Step Authentication

2-Step Authentication for your account. Notes on Okta support.

What is Two-Step Authentication

Two-Step Authentication provides an additional authentication layer to ensure only you can access your OneSignal account.

In addition to your email address and password or OAuth, Two-Step Authentication requires you to install an authenticator app such as Authy on your personal mobile device. When you log in to OneSignal, you will be prompted for a verification code generated by the authenticator app to access your OneSignal account.

How to set up Two-Step Authentication on OneSignal

Step 1. Login

Log in or sign up on with your email address and password or with your OAuth provider.

Access the “Two-Step Authentication” section from the Account & API Keys page in the top right corner.


Enable 2-Step Authentication.


Step 2. Setup Authenticator App

Download an authenticator app on your personal mobile device.

  • Google Authenticator App or Authy are common choices, but any will work.

From the authenticator app, Scan the QR code or enter the Secret Key displayed on OneSignal set up screen
Enter the six-digit verification code from the authenticator app on OneSignal setup screen


Step 3. Recovery Codes

Upon successful set up of an authenticator app, OneSignal will generate a set of 10 recovery codes. These codes can be used to login to your account if you don't have access to the authenticator app.


Save your codes!

For security purposes, OneSignal will display the recovery code only once. Please download or copy these in a safe place. In case you lose the recovery codes, you can generate a new set, invalidating the old recovery codes, from the Account Management page.


New Login Flow after Two-Step Authentication is Enabled

Login to by entering email address and password or OAuth.
You will then be prompted to enter the authentication code from the app OR Enter one of the recovery codes.

Enforce Two-Step Authentication for your Organization

You will need to have enabled 2-step authentication for yourself first following the above process.

Navigate to Organizations > Your Organization > Roles and toggle on the option to Require 2-Step Authentication.


You will be presented with a screen. Select Require 2-Step Authentication for all users if you want all users to use this. Then Continue.



What do different icons under login method column mean?


What if I am locked out of my account?

  1. Email [email protected] cc'ing another team member and ask for your recovery keys.. If you have no other team member, be ready to provide details about your account for verification.
  2. After verification, OneSignal will provide you new codes. You can then login again.
  3. Disable 2-Step authentication and enable again to generate a new QR code.

What if I am locked out and my organization enabled 2-step auth?

  1. Contact an Organization Admin (if you are not) and ask them to login to (should have to use a 2-Step auth recovery code).
  2. Ask Org Admin to go to Organization > Roles and disable 2-step auth for organization. Will enable again after you have reset your account. Everyone that has logged in at some point will still have 2 factor requirement.
  3. Once you can login, go to your Accounts and API keys on top right menu button (your icon).
  4. Enable 2-step authentication at your personal level (may need to disable and enable).
  5. You will get prompted to scan the QR code again.
    6. Ask your Organization Admin (if you are not) to re-enable 2-step authentication again for the entire organization back to Organization > Roles.

What if I don’t remember my login password?

The process to reset your forgotten password is still the same.

What if I don’t remember recovery codes?

Please contact OneSignal Support to unlock your account. Please generate a new set of recovery codes on successful login and keep them safe.

How do I disable Two-Step Authentication?

Access Two-Step Authentication settings on the OneSignal Account Management page. Click on “Disable”.
Note: Users will not be able to disable Two-Step Authentication if any of the organizations they are part of enforces it.

How do I generate new recovery codes?

Access Two-Step Authentication settings on the OneSignal Account Management page.
Click on “Generate New Recovery Codes”.

OAuth Login

Customers using third-party OAuth login methods (Facebook, Google, Github, etc) can enable Two-Step Authentication on Onesignal following the same process.

Supported Authenticator Apps

We recommend using Authy, but any authenticator app that supports a Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) mechanism, including Google authenticator, Microsoft authenticator, etc. can be used to set up Two-Step Authentication on OneSignal.

Does OneSignal have Okta Support?

Okta has us featured on their website for SWA Capabilities

Here is some of Okta's SWA docs that might be helpful.