Mobile Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting common issues setting up and running OneSignal.


Looking for website help?

If you only have a website and no mobile apps, see our Web Push Troubleshooting guide.

Troubleshooting Steps

1. Update the OneSignal SDK

OneSignal regularly makes updates. If you are using our Mobile SDKs and have not updated your app in awhile, chances are your issue was fixed in a more recent SDK version.

You can find the most recent versions on Github > your SDK > Releases.

2. Check the Error Logs

To fix an error its best to find it first. Follow Capturing a Debug Log to get to the bottom of the issue.

3. See our Troubleshooting Guides

Here is a quick reference table of our SDK's Troubleshooting Docs:

Notification Troubleshooting

In-App Message Troubleshooting


What happens if I change my OneSignal App ID in my app?

Changing the OneSignal App ID in your app's initialization code will create a brand new user and push subscription under the new App ID when the user updates and opens the app to the latest version.

If your iOS bundle ID and/or Android package ID are the same, then the device will continue with the same push subscription status. The user data will be brand new i.e. you will need to add back your aliases, tags, email address, phone number on the new record.

If the iOS bundle ID or Android package ID are different, then this this a brand new app and should have different push certs/keys.

Which Mobile devices support Mobile App Push?

OneSignal supports mobile app push notifications on iOS 11+ and Android 5+. This covers over 99% of active devices.

Why are my push notifications not showing?

See the Notifications Not Shown guide.

Why are push notification images not showing?

See Notification Images Not Showing guide.

How do I customize Android and iOS notifications?

iOS Customizations and Android Customizations covers most scenarios you need.

Android 8+ highly recommends adding your own Android Notification Categories.

Provide a more unique, branded experience for your app every time a notification is received with Custom Notification Sounds.

Can OneSignal send Push Notifications in an On-Premise Closed network?

This can work as long as the computers on your closed network have access to the push gateway servers that you want to support:

If the network is completely disconnected from the Internet, push notifications cannot be delivered via the standard OS/browser services, which is what we support.