DateChange SummaryDocumentation
Nov 27You can now use Custom Data to populate the URL of an image in the Email Drag and Drop Editor.Message Personalization
Oct 20, 2023Added the ability to build a custom unsubscribe page.Create a Custom Unsubscribe Page
Oct 17, 2023Added support for an unsubscribe header in Gmail.
Oct 4, 2023Added an integration with Snowflake.Snowflake
Sept 27, 2023Changed the default option for saving a message to save work without exiting the message.
Sept 14, 2023Changed apps to require an association with an organization when created.Create an app
Sept 14, 2023Added the ability to edit entry triggers and re-entry rules for live Journeys.Journeys
Sept 13, 2023Added the ability to adjust the default padding for IAM blocks.Design In-App Messages with Drag and Drop
Sept 6, 2023Added enhanced Journey message stats and reports.Journeys Analytics
Sept 5, 2023Added ability to create multi-language messages via CSV.Multi-Language Messaging
Sept 5, 2023Added new "Editor" role permissions.Manage Team Members
Sept 1, 2023Added a new feature to forward email templates to an app.Email Template Forwarding
Sept 1, 2023Added FCM v1 API support for Android Push NotificationsAndroid: Firebase Credentials