A/B Testing

Optimizing your messages with OneSignal's multivariate testing platform

Feature Overview

A/B testing is a tool to help you test different versions of a message to understand its effectiveness. It provides insights to improve engagement and help you achieve your objectives.

With A/B testing, you will get insights on which designs or content result in a higher open and clickthrough rate. This is a particularly useful tool for Marketers, especially for Lifecycle and Growth.

Insights from A/B testing can be used across the company to reach broader business goals. You can also more confidently improve the performance of your messages.

For example, A/B testing can allow you to understand whether a push notification with an image performs better than a text-only push notification, or whether different text labels on a button lead to a higher clickthrough rate.

How many variants of a message can I test?

With OneSignal, you will be able to A/B test up to 10 message variants to determine which one performs better. We enable experimentation with up to 10 variants on Pro and Enterprise plans. All other plans include testing 2 variants only for each notification.

What should I know before I start an A/B test?

We've created an Experimentation Best Practices guide to help you get started. In addition, our team walks through advanced A/B testing in this recorded webinar session.

What can I use it for?

A/B testing capabilities are currently available within the OneSignal dashboard for Push Notifications and Email Messages.


Editing an email A/B test variant in the OneSignal dashboard


Dashboard-only feature

This feature is only available within the OneSignal dashboard.