Email Messaging

Common Email Guides and Tutorials.


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OneSignal is in the process of migrating from a device-centric model (player ID) to a new user-centric data model (OneSignal ID). To learn more, check out the User Model Beta Overview.

Please refer to Version 9 of our documentation for device-centric information.

The following are important features and best practices for OneSignal's email messaging capabilities. Make sure you follow OneSignal's Email Acceptable Use Policy & Code of Conduct to keep your account in good standing and maintain high deliverability.

Configure your domain for OneSignal Email.

Using a subdomain for email communications is a recommended practice in the industry. It improves email credibility and deliverability by isolating email traffic from your primary domain, reducing the risk of spam association.

To get started sending emails head over to the email quickstart page and follow the guide.

Importing Email Addresses

Once your email channel is configured, you can start adding emails to your OneSignal app.

If you already have a list of email addresses, you can Import Email Addresses into your OneSignal App through the Dashboard or API. It's highly recommended to validate your email list before importing.

For users who provide their email to your app or website, we recommend using our SDK to create the email record.

Warm your sending domain

Another way to increase deliverability is to follow a warm-up plan by sending a small amount of emails at first and gradually increasing that over time. See Email Warm-Up for details.

Validate Emails

Users should be asked for consent or acknowledge that they want emails from you. Once you obtain their email address, it’s recommended to validate that email is correct and used before sending it messages. This ensures that email addresses are real, spelled correctly, and won’t result in a bounce. It helps improve your deliverability.

Consider creating a double opt-in flow to ensure users who provide their email are valid and consent to receiving messages.

Sending Emails

OneSignal provides different ways to Send Email Messages:

  • Use the dashboard for a no-code approach with a drag-and-drop editor or add your own HTML.
  • Setup Journeys for easy automation and omni-channel flows.
  • For a more programmatic approach use our Create notification API with details in Send Transactional Emails guide.