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OneSignal features - Account management

Account Management

Your account details are available from the account menu, available by clicking your profile image in the top right of the dashboard. This is where you can update your Organization name, email, and password.

User Auth Key

Do not share your User Auth Key or REST API Keys

Treat your User Auth Key and REST API Keys as though they are a password - do not add them to your app code or public repositories (e.g. github) and do not share them with anyone.

The Account section is also where you can find your User Auth Key, available at the bottom of the page below the REST API keys for each of your OneSignal apps.

The User Auth Key can be used by by adding an HTTP header with the key Authorization and the value Basic USER_AUTH_API_KEY, where you should replace USER_AUTH_API_KEY with your key.

Change OneSignal Account Email

In the Account section, you can change the email you use for all your apps.

Simply replace your current email with the email you want to change.

Then "Submit" your current password and confirm password.

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OneSignal features - Account management

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