Analytics Integrations

Integrating OneSignal with any Analytics vendor

Analytics IntegrationsNot seeing your Analytics vendor? No problem!
OneSignal's SDK allows you to hook into analytics events around:
- notifications
- user data changes
- prompt actions
AppsFlyerTrack mobile downloads and segment users based on channel, campaign and ads.

Create customized and personalized push notifications and in-app messaging.
Google Analytics for FirebaseTrack Notification Opened, Received (Android only) and Influenced Opened events
Microsoft App Center Analytics- Track and update notification and subscription events as they occur
- Better understand the interaction between your user and the notification they clicked
- Send Custom Events
Amplitude- Send event data to Amplitude.
- Create and receive a whole set of cohorts based on your users' behavior and actions.
Popular Analytics Tools- Google Analytics

- Adobe Analytics
- Oxwall(3rd Party Integration)

Each OneSignal SDK provides methods for tracking notifications, subscriptions & permissions, and prompting events. Data from these methods can be sent to your analytics tool.

OneSignal also provide Default UTM Parameters which can be appended to your Launch URLs automatically when sending push from the OneSignal Dashboard.

Also, see our Analytics Overview for more details on pulling analytics.


See these events in action!

See the recorded webinar going over Google Analytics Setup.

Notification Events

Received: Send an event to your analytics system from the SDKs Notification Received event handler when a notification is received.

Clicked: Send another event to your analytics system from the NotificationOpened or Action event handler when a notification is clicked.

EventSDK MethodDetails
Track Notification ReceivedHandle Notification Received MethodAndroid - Method fired when the notifications is received. Doesn't work if App is Force Quit.

iOS - Method fired when notification is received while app is in-focus.

Web - Method fired when notification is received while site is in focus.
Track Notification ClickedHandle Notification Click/Opened MethodMethod fired when the notification is clicked and opens the app or website.

You can automatically add UTM parameters to push notification URLs through the OneSignal Dashboard.

Subscription & Permission Events

Send a subscription event to your analytics system from the SDKs PermissionObserver event handler when a user subscribes.

EventSDK MethodDetails
Track Subscription EventSubscription Change Observer EventMethod fired when user changes subscription status.
Track Permission EventPermission Change Observer EventMethod fired when user changes permission status. Use to track:

- Notification permission prompt shown (iOS)
- The user accepting or declining the permission prompt
- Enabling/disabling notifications for your app in the App Settings and after returning to your app.
- Using setSubscription method to manually turn off push.

Prompt Impressions

You can use the permissionPromptDisplay method to send an event to your analytics tool from your page's code, like so:

EventSDK MethodDetails
Track Native PromptWeb: Notification Permission Change & Notification Permission Display

iOS: Permission Change Observer
Methods fired when the required prompt by the Browser or Operating System shows to the user and the choice the user made.
Track OneSignal Slide PromptSlide Prompt EventsMultiple methods for tracking events triggered on the Slide Prompt including the Slide shown, allowed, canceled, and closed.

This will create an event in your analytics tool that you can track and filter by day, week, month, landing pages and browsers.