In-App Message Report

This guide explains how to check analytics for your In-App Messages within OneSignal.


CardA card is a page of an In-App Message. A carousel can contain many cards. If no carousel, you will only see "Card 1".
BlockAn element of the In-App Message.
ImpressionsThe number of times the card was displayed.
ClicksThe number of times a block was clicked.
CTRClick Through Rate (CTR) is measured by ((Clicks of all blocks - Close Button)/Impressions) * 100%

Exporting Block Data

Clicks and Impressions are exportable through the dashboard. You can export by clicking the button on the "All Statistics" section.


IAM Exports


How is Click-Through Rate calculated?

This takes the total clicks of all blocks on the message minus the "Close Button" divided by the total impressions. The "Close Button" is the specific block for the button on the top right of the message. You have the ability to remove this button from the message and/or set a tag when its clicked to track if users are clicking it to dismiss the message.

Why are there fewer clicks than impressions?

In-App Messages can be "swiped away" or automatically dismissed after a certain amount of time has passed. See Advanced Settings.

Why are there more clicks than impressions?

Multiple blocks can be clicked on the same impression of an In-App Message.

Why do I see "Deleted" blocks?

If you add/remove/update a card or block of an In-App Message, it will delete the old blocks and add new ones. The old blocks will be labeled with "Deleted" and keep their current impression and click data.

For example, a "Deleted body", "Deleted Element" and/or "Deleted close_button" means a change occurred in the IAMs body/text and close blocks.