Analytics of In-App Message




The card is the page of the carousel if used. If no carousel, you will only see Card 1.


The element of the In-App Message.


The number of times the block was displayed.


The number of times the block was clicked.


Clicks / Impressions multiplied by 100%.

In-App Message analytics can be exported from the dashboard.


Why are there less clicks than impressions?

In-App Messages can be "swiped away" or automatically dismissed after a certain amount of time has passed. See Advanced Settings.

Why are there more clicks than impressions?

Multiple blocks can be clicked on the same impression of an In-App Message.

Why do I see "Deleted" blocks?

If you add/remove/update a card or block of an In-App Message, it will delete the old blocks and add new ones. The old blocks will be labeled with "Deleted" and keep their current impression and click data.

For example, a "Deleted body", "Deleted Element" and/or "Deleted close_button" means a change occurred in the IAMs body/text and close blocks.

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