Bulk Updating User Attributes or Data Tags

How to update your user attributes or data tags in bulk

There are a variety of ways to update data tags in bulk. If you are comfortable with code, we recommend using our API endpoints, Edit Device and Edit Tags with external user id.. Similarly you can refer to our SDK methods.

If you'd prefer to edit tags from the dashboard, we recommend exporting subscriptions from the dashboard, altering the data tags, then re-uploading subscriber tags, using our Importing User Attribute guide.

You may wish to download and bulk update your subscribers in order to 1) Migrate the data into your data lake or otherwise, 2) Your application is using more data tags than your current plan allows and you need to reduce extra data tags.

Exporting Users

By navigating to Audience > Subscriptions, you can find the ability to export subscriptions.

In the secondary arrowed dropdown on Export, there is the ability to export all subscriptions with N tags. Note. N will change depending on your plan type, and is the plan-specific data tag limit. This ensures you can always remove tags for subscriptions above your current plans entitlement.


The image shows the export ability for subscriptions above 10 data tags.

CSV Export

Once you have selected Export you'll shortly receive an email to your accounts email address, to begin the download. We provide this via email as you may export thousands or even millions of subscriptions.
The CSV will have two formats depending on if you are exporting all subscriptions or the subscriptions with data tags above the plan allowance:

  1. Exporting All Users: This will include all metadata and columns shown in your dashboard. Data Tags export as a JSON blob. for example.
    "first_name": "Ruby",
    "last_name": "Childs",
    "twitter": "@rubychilds"
  1. Exporting Users with 10 Tags: This provides a limited number of columns including both player_id and external_user_id (if applicable), along with data tags, where each data tag key is a column, and each row represents a value that corresponds to that id.

Editing and Deleting Your Data Tags

The subscription data comes in a CSV format, which enables you to open in Excel, Google Sheets, or Apple's Numbers. Upon opening, you should now be able to effectively edit, or delete any tags as needed.

In order to delete a tag, you can leave the data column, but leave an empty cell for the corresponding value.

When saving the altered CSV, ensure you save it as a CSV. Some editors will default to you saving it in their default format, for example, *.xslx. Our importer does not accept any other formats other than CSV.

Uploading Your Data Tags

Now your data tags have been edited and deleted, you can now upload your subscribers back into OneSignal. Follow our Importing User Attributes or Tags guide.

By uploading using player_id or external_user_id, we ensure there will be no duplicate records. Any existing data tag keys will be updated with their new value.