CDP & User Data Integrations

Database, DMP, & CRM IntegrationLink your user data from any external data set to OneSignal. This is generally the best place to start as OneSignal can work in almost any case. Also see our DMP, CDP, CRM Integration Blog Post for more details.
Mixpanel- Boost engagement with more contextualized messaging from OneSignal, triggered when users enter or exit Mixpanel cohorts
- Gain a holistic view of customers by combining Mixpanel in-product user actions and OneSignal message engagement metrics
- Leverage product-level user insights for re-engaging campaigns through OneSignal
Amplitude- Create Dynamic and Scheduled Audience Syncs between Amplitude and OneSignal.
- Close the loop and gain insights by measuring campaign effectiveness in Amplitude
- Improve your personalization by creating a data-driven approach
HubSpotOur HubSpot integration provides even more opportunities to connect with your customers, create meaningful brand touchpoints, and streamline your marketing and communication strategy.

You can now build and trigger mobile and web push notifications, in-app messages, and edit OneSignal tags directly from your HubSpot dashboard, so itโ€™s easy to synchronize your messaging campaigns and build a seamless omni-channel user journey. Segmentation: Create Persona audiences in Segment and have them automatically show up as a Segment in OneSignal so you can create even more targeted messaging campaigns across channels.
- Data Tags: Aggregate data across every customer touch point in Segment and then send this in real-time to OneSignal as Data Tags
- Connected Data: By unifying your data in Segment and connecting to OneSignal, you unlock turn-key connections with other systems in your tech stack, with no development work needed. Trigger automated messages based on event data captured in Segment
Hightouch- Sync new users from your database or warehouse into OneSignal
- Update traits on existing users within OneSignal, add new traits easily
- Create segments of users in SQL or in a Visual Audience Builder (no SQL required) and sync them into a OneSignal segment to run campaigns on
Blueshift- Create segment triggered campaigns.
- Dynamically send users a push notifications when an action or event occurs.
- Send user metrics and reactions back into Blueshift to drive future engagement.
Firebase- Connect Data stored in Firebase Firestore and/or Realtime Database
- Send notifications through Firebase Cloud Functions using images in your Firebase Cloud Storage Single view of customer.
- Realtime audiences. Understanding your customer.
- One API.
- Cleaner code.