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OneSignal is in the process of migrating from a device-centric model (player ID) to a new user-centric data model (OneSignal ID). To learn more, check out the User Model Migration Guide.

Please refer to Version 9 of our documentation for device-centric information.

We highly recommend starting out by reading some of our case studies – this will give you a good overview of how some of our customers are innovating with our platform.

If you have a mobile game, see Everything Game Developers Need to Know about Push Notifications and Customer Messaging written by George Deglin (OneSignal CEO) discussing best practices and experiences from our humble beginnings as a Hiptic Games.

Recommended Features

Alias & External IDs

If your mobile app and website is connected to a database, we highly recommend associating the OneSignal ID with your own [Alias or External Ids](doc:Aliases & External ID).

Data Tags & Segments

OneSignal Data Tags unlock powerful event driven Segmentation and Message Personalization capabilities. Common examples:

  • Segment Users Based on Notification Clicks - Group users based on how long since they clicked a push and what your push was about to know what works and what doesn't.
  • Abandoned Cart - An eCommerce dream! Not just limited to web – if your apps have time-sensitive events, this guide provides an overview of how to set that up and get those carts checked out!

Notification Handlers

Handle notifications when they are received and clicked using the OneSignal SDK Notification Event Handlers.

Location-Triggered Notifications

If your app uses location tracking and you want to send notifications based on location data, see the Location-Triggered Notifications guide for setup and options.

Omni-Channel Capabilities

In-App Messages

OneSignal supports In-App Messaging in order to display rich content to your users or to present permission prompts, surveys, promotions, announcements, and more. Learn more in our In-App Messages Quickstart.


OneSignal supports the delivery and automation of e-mail in addition to push notifications. Learn more in our Email Quickstart.


Send SMS and MMS messages. See SMS Quickstart.

Integration & Analytics Setup

  • Integrations - All your favorite vendors from Analytics to Data Management to Location and Subscriptions work with OneSignal. If they currently don't let us know, we'll get you help!
  • Analytics Overview - A guide on user and message tracking with OneSignal.