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OneSignal features - App overview

The OneSignal Dashboard is the primary user interface for working with OneSignal. The dashboard exposes all the functionality of OneSignal in an easy-to-use interface for developers and marketers alike.

The main pages of the dashboard are:


The application's dashboard is accessible by clicking on one of your applications. This page shows your total and subscribed userbase, as well as introduces you to OneSignal features.

What are Users?

Users are measured as devices on mobile apps, browser profiles on web that have subscribed to your site at some point and email addresses.

Total Users

Total is the number of subscribed and unsubscribed user records that have interacted with our SDK on your app or website. It also contains user records uploaded to your account via our dashboard or API. This number never goes down.

For mobile apps, a device must download and open the app with our SDK to be included. If a device uninstalls and re-installs the app, this may give the user a new player id record. Total Users will increase in this case, but subscribed users will not. More details in our Player ID docs.

For web, if users clear browser cache and return to the site, they will likely get resubscribed (HTTPS sites only) and this will increase Total Users while Subscribed Users stays constant. More details in our Player ID docs.

Subscribed Users

Subscribed Users are users that have opted-in to receive push notifications or emails and can receive push notifications or emails. This number can change depending on if users unsubscribe, clear their browser data (web only) or delete your app, which is not measured in real time.

Monthly Active

Estimated number of users where their Last Session was within the past 30 days.


Users that are opting-out of push permissions for your app or website after previously opting-in. This number can go up or down depending on how many subscribed devices unsubscribe then later re-subscribe.





Sent Messages - where you can see messages you've sent
Message Report - the realtime results of your sent message


OneSignal features - App overview

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