Duplicated In-App Messages

Common reasons In-App Messages may appear duplicated on the device are:

If you are seeing this on Android only, then this can happen when clicking the back button or transitioning Activity's while the IAM is showing. Both will cause the IAM to appear again.

This is being caused by the IAM View being a child of the current Activity. Whenever intents between activities occur, the IAM will mimic the life-cycle of the current Activity and in some cases will cause flickering. The most common case is the IAM will hide itself and then reshow once in the new Activity. 

Unfortunately this functionality is the closest available without needing any permissions to show the IAM on an Application level. More details in this open Github issue. Feel free to respond to our Engineers directly on the Github issue. Also, our SDKs are Open Source, so if you had some ideas for a fix or other solution, we would gladly look into any PRs submitted!

If you are still having this issue and it is not one of the reasons above, please share the following details with our support team:

  • Version of the OneSignal SDK(s) used
  • Device OS version(s)
  • Xcode log or Android Studio logcat from the app starting and the problem point
  • Any other libraries or plugins in your app
  • Details on reproducing your problem.