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Email Overview

Overview of OneSignal Email Messaging

OneSignal supports email as a messaging channel to provide you with more ways to reach users.

Why use OneSignal for Email?

Marketing Emails - OneSignal provides an easy-to-use email building interface that lets you construct fantastic templates for all your emails. You won't have to worry about writing your own email templates and worrying about how they look in different email clients, nor will you have to pay for an expensive email marketing solution for all your users.

Transactional Emails - Leverage OneSignal's powerful server-side API to target emails directly when purchases are made or events occur that need a direct email.

Automated Emails - OneSignal's Automated Messages allows you to send emails to devices with no code required.

Segmentation - Use the same powerful segmentation tools in OneSignal for both email and push to better target your audience.

Single SDK- You won't need to manage separate SDKs for email and push, and you'll be able to use the same familiar methods and syntax that you already use for push.

OneSignal Email Messaging sits atop your existing email service provider (ESP), adding the above marketing functionality. Essentially, you get to send marketing emails at transactional email prices.



Sending Emails

Send emails using OneSignal's:


Create reusable email templates that can be sent and updated easily through all our messaging options.

Delivery Statistics

Limited depending on the supported Email Service Provider.

Email Service Provider Support

OneSignal Email Messaging requires an account with an eligible email service provider.

Email Providers








Amazon SES

Coming soon


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New Concepts in Email Messaging

Email introduces a few new concepts to OneSignal that are worth reviewing.

Identity Verification

See Identity Verification

Merge Tags

Emails support the same Message Personalization capabilities supported in push notifications, meaning you can personalize your emails, e.g.:

Hi {{first_name | default: there }}, you're invited to an exclusive group!


Email handles subscriptions a bit differently than push notifications. Users may unsubscribe themselves from emails, as well as mark emails as spam. These may show up in Message Reports. You may also unsubscribe users manually, see How does Unsubscribing Work.


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Email Overview

Overview of OneSignal Email Messaging

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