Email Reputation & Suppressions

Tracking email addresses that bounced or complained.

You can view which of your users' email addresses bounced and complained and the rate at which these events occurred within your OneSignal dashboard Settings > Email > Email Reputation or Suppressions.

App Settings Dashboard

App Settings Dashboard

Email Reputation

The rates in which your users bounce or report your emails as spam over a 24-hour, 7-day, and 30-day period. Rates are calculated across all emails sent in the current app.

If your bounce and spam report rates are too high, it will affect your domain and IP reputation which reduces deliverability and potentially violates our Acceptable Use Policy & Code of Conduct.

You should aim for as little bounces or complaints as possible. A bounce rate of 5% and/or a complaint rate of 0.5% is considered high and would hurt the reputation of a domain, likely to be flagged by the Inbox service provider.

See How to improve email deliverability and lower bounce rates for more details.

You can find the domain email reputation within your app Settings > Email Reputation

Email Reputation Dashboard

Email Reputation Dashboard


Track which email addresses bounced and reported emails as spam. These addresses will be removed from further email sends.

You can add emails manually with the Add Email button and remove emails from the list with the trash can icon.

Suppression List(Bounces, Reported as Spam)

Suppression List(Bounces, Reported as Spam)


What does "bounced" and "reported as spam" mean?