Export Email Delivery Data

How to download delivery data for messages sent through the Dashboard


Available for Email messages

Message export of delivery data is currently only available on the Delivery Report for Email Messages. Delivery data is stored and accessible for 30 days after the notification is sent.

To better understand what's happening along the journey from sending an email and your recipient receiving it, you can export the delivery data help answer questions like:

  • Which emails bounced and were added to the suppression list?
  • Which emails got delivered?
  • Which emails failed to send?
  • Who clicked on the email?

Navigate to Export

When view a sent message report, click Actions and select Export.


Export Action on Email Delivery Report

Check email for CSV download link

After selecting Export you will be sent an email with the file to download. The CSV will contain data for most messages sent in the campaign.


Download CSV email

Download CSV

Then you can download a CSV, which will contain a list of subscribes in the Audience you selected to send your message to.


Example Delivery Data CSV

The properties of the delivery data export CSV are:

emailRecipients Email
subscriber_idOneSignal Subscriber ID that represents the subscription for this email
deliveredTimestamp of when the email was delivered to the recipient's inbox
openedTimestamp of the most recent open event captured during the first 30 days after the message was sent.
clickedTimestamp of the most recent click event captured during the first 30 days after the message was sent.
unsubscribedTimestamp of the most recent unsubscribe event captured during the first 30 days after the message was sent.
reported_as_spamTimestamp of when the customer marked this message as SPAM
bouncedTimestamp of when the inbox provider rejected the email for a bounce-related reason
failedTimestamp of when the message failed for any other reason other than a bounce. This includes if the email is on the suppression list


Failures in export might not contain all failures

Some failures might not be listed in the delivery report CSV export. If the email is not listed as delivered you can assume the message did not make it to your recipient.