Tags: Track User Events and Attributes

How to add, edit and delete user events, attributes or data tags.

Data tags provide a way to send personalized and timely messages to your audience and can accelerate your success with OneSignal. You can use tags to track anything from specific user properties (who is this?) to events (who did what?). Details and recommendations can be found in Data Tags.

There are several ways to add, update, and remove tags as detailed below. Check out your plan details, for the number of custom data tags per user your plan is entitled to set.

  • Data Tag SDK Methods: (Recommended) Quickly add, remove, or update tags in almost real-time when users perform actions or events on your site or mobile app.
  • Create user or Update user: Server REST API endpoint for directly updating the tags parameter on single users.
  • Journeys: Set tags automatically within a Journey workflow as a user moves through a journey.
  • Importing User Attributes or Data Tags: Upload a CSV of user data through the OneSignal Dashboard with the player_id or external_user_id. This enables you to migrate existing data sources into OneSignal.
  • Web Category Prompt: If you are integrating OneSignal into your website, then you can add data tags by using our category slide-down prompt. This enables you to capture user interest around what type of messages they'd be interested in.
  • User Profile Page: Quickly add and update data tags from the User Profile page UI in the OneSignal dashboard.
  • In-App Messages: When you send in-app messages, you can collect data tags based on user engagement through clicks and our click actions. Additionally, data tags can also be used to trigger an in-app.
  • Integrations: Depending on the integration partner, there are specific tags that can be set.
    • Hubspot has a "Edit Tags" workflow option to set your own tags.
    • Segment Integration syncs data passed within their SDK as tags.
    • Mixpanel syncs $first_name and $last_name properties as data tags first_name and last_name.