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Importing User Attributes

OneSignal features - Adding, importing and/or migrating users to OneSignal. Both push and email.


Migrating or Importing Devices to OneSignal?

See our Onboarding With OneSignal guide for more details on importing device records.


Importing Email Addresses?

See our Import Email Addresses guide for options around importing emails for sending email messages to users.

This guide explains how to upload user attributes in the form of Data Tags using a CSV file of player_id or external_user_id. You can also create segments and delete tag values. See Removing Tags From a List.

This guide is not for importing or transferring devices into OneSignal. See Onboarding With OneSignal for more on importing or transferring devices.


  • Paid Account
  • CSV file with a column of player_id and/or external_user_id
  • Comma separated values (,). Cannot use semi-colons ; or JSON

Mapping the OneSignal player_id to your database user data or adding your database's User ID (external_user_id) to OneSignal is required for updating user tags to work. For more details, see Internal Database, DMP, & CRM.

Updating Users

Your CSV, must contain at least 1 column with the OneSignal player_id or external_user_id.

If you have both User IDs, the external_user_id will be associated with the corresponding player_id. Any additional columns will be added as Data Tags and the file must be comma separated (,).

You can also use this feature to delete tags that are not needed. Just add the tag key to the column head and no value for each row. See Removing Tags From A List.


Format errors

  • You must spell correctly player_id and/or external_user_id in the first row.
  • Do not use quotes around any parameters. Please remove all quotes.
  • Parameters must be separated by commas. Semi-colons do not work.

Example Format:

In Audience > All Users select Actions > Import/Update Users > SELECT CSV TO UPLOAD

You will get a preview of the import. If the player_id or external_user_id column was not detect or entered incorrectly, it will tell you.

If you decide not to add specific tags, you can check them on or off.

You can automatically create a new segment for the imported list. This adds a tag to the newly imported list and auto-creates a segment based on the value you put.

Once you Confirm and Import you will get an email stating your CSV Import has finished.

Removing Tags From List

Get List of Player IDs

You can use our Exporting Data guide to get a list of Player IDs.

Create CSV

In the CSV, make sure to have one column of player_id and/or external_user_id the other columns will be the tag keys to delete. For example if the tags to delete keys are key_1, key_2, etc, then each key needs to be in the first row:

Upload CSV to OneSignal

To delete the tags, select Delete identifier and tag values if columns are empty

Press Confirm and Import, we will email you when finished!

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Importing User Attributes

OneSignal features - Adding, importing and/or migrating users to OneSignal. Both push and email.

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