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Importing User Attributes

Upload a list of Data Tags to Users.


Migrating or Importing Devices to OneSignal?

See our Onboarding With OneSignal guide for more details on importing device records.

OneSignal doesn't provide an option to transfer users from one app to another. Please reach out to our Support Team with more details on your use case.


Importing Email Addresses?

See Import Email Addresses guide.


Importing Phone Numbers?

See Import Phone Numbers guide.

This feature allows you to add, remove, and update data tags from device records and create segments using a CSV.

This feature does not import or transfer devices into OneSignal or across OneSignal apps. See Onboarding With OneSignal for more on importing or transferring devices.



Paid OneSignal Account

CSV file with a player_id and/or external_user_id column

If using external_user_id it must be set within OneSignal already. See Onboarding With OneSignal

CSV restrictions

  • Must have player_id and/or external_user_id column and spelled correctly
  • Must be comma separated values (,)
  • Cannot use semi-colons ; or JSON
  • Must remove quotes (", ')


Format errors

  • You must spell correctly player_id and/or external_user_id in the first row.
  • Do not use quotes around any parameters. Please remove all quotes.
  • Parameters must be separated by commas. Semi-colons do not work.

Example Format:

In Audience > All Users select Actions > Import/Update Users

shows the 'Update/Import Users' button to select from

From the pop-up menu select Upload CSV next to Update Users.

You will see a preview of the import where you can do the following:

  1. Decide to turn on/off certain tag columns from being imported
  2. Automatically create a segment of the import (will add a tag and create the segment with the tag name)
  3. Decide to delete tags if values are empty within the record's row

Once you Confirm and Import you will get an email stating your CSV Import has finished.

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Importing User Attributes

Upload a list of Data Tags to Users.

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