In-App Message Troubleshooting

What are the recommended image dimensions?

We show In-App messages based on the dimensions of the phone currently being displayed on. There are a few common aspect ratios for devices and resolutions (especially for Android) which could all affect the viewing of the In-App messages.

A 16:9 aspect ratio is the most common for devices, but 4:3 and 3:2 aspect ratios are close compromises.

Can I create an In-App via the API?

Currently all In-App messages need to be created through the OneSignal dashboard.

On each page of your app, you can set our addTrigger method and through your own API requests to your app, feed in the trigger key:value set within the dashboard to trigger the IAM based on your own network requests.

I've update my In-App, when do In-App changes take effect?

Once you update an In-App messages from the dashboard. The changes will go into effect immediately and end-users will see the updated message after the app has been closed for 30 seconds before re-opened.

More details, see: Why IAM Data Not Updating?.

What is the minimum Android and iOS Version that can receive in-app messages?

The minimum Android version that can receive in-app messages is 4.4
If a device is under this version the in-app message will not show.

The minimum iOS version that can receive in-app messages is 10.0
If a device is under this version the in-app message will not show.

Which OneSignal SDKs support In-App Messages?

It is recommended to use the latest version of the OneSignal SDK to get all the latest features available.

SDKMinimum SDK VersionDetails
Android Native SDK3.11.4Supported
iOS Native SDK2.11.2Supported
Not supported on Mac Catalyst.
React Native SDK3.4.2Supported
Unity SDK2.9.0Supported
Cordova/Ionic/PhoneGap SDK2.6.0Supported
Xamarin SDK3.5.0Supported
Flutter SDK2.1.0Supported
Web Push SDKNANot Supported

Is tag substitution or message personalization available?

Yes, Tag Substitution will be supported only on iOS version 2.16.4+ and Android version 3.16.0+ SDKs.

You can use data tags to personalize the content and click action behavior of your users. Here is the list of In-App Message fields that support tag substitution.

Is the WYSIWYG preview accurate?

The WYSIWYG preview is very close to what your users will actually see. However, devices have a range of screen dimensions and so we have an easy-to-use preview on device option that will send the in-app message to any test device you'd like immediately to take a look at it on your own phone.

How do I send In-Apps with Message Localization?

Currently, you can set up different in-app messages for different languages and target a Segment based on the device language filter.

Do you Support In-App Browser Messages?

In-App for browsers is not currently supported. Please contact [email protected] with your use case and details of how you would like the feature implemented.

Feature Requests

Common requests for In-App Message can be found here. If you would like any of these or have others, please contact [email protected] with your use case and details of how you would like the feature implemented.