In-App Messages

Helpful resources to get started with In-App Messages.

In-App Message Design

Use our pre-made templates or design your own with the drag-and-drop editor or HTML builder. And yes, we do support In-App Message Carousels!

In-App Message Features

Message Personalization

For a personalized feel, use OneSignal's Tag Substitution to create a unique experience for each user. Example: Personalize In-App Messages

Click Actions

Each element within the message has "Click Actions" that can perform events such as prompting for push notification or location permissions, adding tags, deep linking to a page or whatever you like! Specifics can be found in How to add Click Actions.

Displaying Messages AKA Triggers

In-app messages can be displayed to users (aka triggered) immediately on app open, after a certain amount of time has passed, or based on custom events. See How to add Triggers for details.

Lifecycle Events & Analytics

The OneSignal SDK provides a lot of methods to control your in-app message experience. This includes the trigger methods, pausing messages, handling custom click events, and following the display/dismiss lifecycle. For a full list of all provided methods, see In-App Message SDK Methods.

For gathering analytics, see Analytics of In-App Message.

Tutorials and Examples

In-app messages provide a lot of functionality. To help understand common use cases, we have several guides available to get you started hassle-free.

Push and Location Permission Prompting

Recommended All mobile app users need to opt-in to receive push notifications. The best strategy to ask unsubscribed users to subscribe/re-subscribe to push can be found here with in-app messages. Also, if your app uses location tracking, you can ask for permission to track location with in-app messages as well.

Increase App Store Ratings & Setup Surveys

In-App Messages are a great way to ask users to rate your app in the app store and gather data. These guide will navigate you on how to set that up with minimal to no code required.

Collect User Data & Promotions

Collect the email address and/or phone number or ask your users to try their luck on a Promo Wheel.

App Version Updates & Tutorials

Inform your users when you have added new products or features to the application and show them on how to use it!

Technical Use Cases

If you have a specific use case, please let us know by contacting [email protected] and share those details. Common use cases we have seen are:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

For common questions on in-app message functionality, please review the below links. If you still need help, let us know by contacting [email protected] with details and please provide a log following Capturing a Debug Log if you can.