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Intelligent Delivery

OneSignal features - Personalized message delivery

Intelligent Delivery is a unique feature of OneSignal that optimizes notification delivery time based on when each user most frequently opens notifications.

With Intelligent Delivery, each user will receive your notification within 24 hours of you initiating delivery. For example, you sent a message at 7 PM and the user is most likely to open the app/site at 1 PM, the notification will be delivered 18 hours later (at 1 PM the following day).

Intelligent Delivery is available in New Message and Automated Messages.

How Intelligent Delivery Works

Intelligent Delivery is based on up to a 3 month rolling average of a user's past actions.

Most importantly, this data is based on our observations of a user's activity across all apps and websites that use OneSignal - over 100,000 and counting. As the largest push notification delivery system, OneSignal is likely to have several data points on a user's open times, meaning there's a higher probability these times line up with when users prefer to use their devices.

When to Use Intelligent Delivery

Intelligent Delivery is the best way to optimize notification open rates.

If your notification is very time-sensitive we instead recommend either Send Immediately (which initiates delivery right away to all users, regardless of their activity or timezone) or Time Zone optimization (to deliver at the same time across user timezones). See Scheduling for more details.


Can notifications get re-ordered with this option?

In some cases, when using intelligent delivery on multiple consecutive notifications, it may cause the order in which the notification gets received by the user to be change. This is due to how our SDK interprets the rolling average of a user's predicted-active time on your site or app.

For example, if my current predicted-active time is 3:00pm.

You send notification1 to me with Intelligent delivery. Our system will set this notification to be received by me at 3:00 pm.

If I visit your site or app at 2:00 pm. My predicted-active time has now changed to 2:30 pm for example.

You send notification2 to me with Intelligent delivery, I will receive notification2 at 2:30 pm and notification1 at 3:00pm.

So I may not see notification2 and only see notification1.

Intelligent Delivery

OneSignal features - Personalized message delivery

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