Journeys Troubleshooting

Common Q & As to help you on your journey.

Why can’t I see Journeys in my app?

Journeys are currently available for Professional and Enterprise plans only. Support for other plans is coming soon. Please upgrade your plan if you would like to access Journeys today or talk to Sales.

Does Journeys support In-App Messaging and SMS?

Yes, Journeys supports the full breadth of OneSignal messaging channels: Push, In-App Messaging, Email, and SMS.

Why are users not entering my Journey?

There are several reasons why a user may not appear to be entering a Journey:

  • Your subscribers must have an External User ID set today. Only users identified with External User ID can enter a Journey. More on why here.
  • If you have an exit rule that immediately exits all users that are entering.
  • If you selected "Future Users Only" then current users will never get the Journey.

Why are users not receiving the first email/SMS?

Users will enter a Journey as soon as they are eligible e.g. if you have "Subscribed Users" as your entry rule segment, then as soon as they are subscribed to any channel, they will enter the Journey. If the UX of your app involves collecting a user's email after they have subscribed to push, then their email subscription may not be created as they pass through that first email step. If you're creating a Journey that targets new users e.g. onboarding, then we recommend starting with a short wait step so that all desired subscriptions (push, SMS, email) are created.

Why do my template stats look off?

The stats you see for each message step in a Journey are for that template. If you are using the message template elsewhere, for example, an automated message, then the stats may not be accurate. Make sure you create a new template for each message in a Journey.

What is completed and sent?

  • Completed is the amount of users (based on External Ids that went through that node of the Journey.
  • Sent is the number of devices sent that template.

Completed may be higher than Sent since unsubscribed Users will go through the Journey but cannot be sent the message.

Why are stats not matching?

There are several reasons why sent doesn’t match the number of users that have completed that step:

  • Users may not be subscribed to that channel — if your message step is a push notification but you have users passing through it who only have email subscriptions then "Completed" will be larger than "Sent".
  • Capped — if you have frequency capping turned on then we will not send messages to users that have hit the cap.
  • Users may have unsubscribed.

What happens when you archive a Journey?

You will continue to see all metrics collected while the journey is active. To restart the journey, you will have the option to duplicate it and start collecting new metrics.