Export Message Data

How to download your message data from the dashboard and API


Message Data Limitations

Messages sent through the OneSignal API and Automated Messages are only accessible for 30 days from when they were created.

Messages sent through the OneSignal dashboard are accessible for the lifetime of the app.

Message Data can be exported using the OneSignal API or Dashboard.

How to Export Message Data from API

You can download Message Data from the API using the following options. Note that due to the volume of both API and Automated Messages, these are only accessible for 30 days from when they were created.

API EndpointDetailsData
View NotificationsProvides paginated view of up to 50 messages per request.

Can be filtered by notification type. ie API, Dashboard or Automated messages.
Contains notification payload, targeting parameters and delivery stats.
View NotificationProvides a single message's data.Similar to View Notifications data.
Notification HistoryOneSignal Paid Plan Required
Provides list of Subscription IDs that were "sent" or "clicked" a message.
Retrieving "sent" Subscription IDs is only available for messages that had over 1000 recipients.

If the message targeted a segment or used filters that were under 1000 recipients, the subscription_ids that were targeted will be unavailable

If the message targeted Subscription IDs (like automated messages) or External IDs, you can access the sent data in the View Notification(s) endpoints.

"clicked" data is available for all notifications.
Audience ActivityGenerate a compressed CSV report of all of the events data for a notification.This API provides the same data exportable from within the dashboard Audience Activity section for each message report. For details on each type of data, see:

Push Notification Message Reports
Email Message Reports
SMS Message Reports

How to Export Message Data from Dashboard

You can download Message Data sent from the OneSignal dashboard. Filters and details of the message available below. Upgraded OneSignal Plan Required.

Note that due to the volume of both API and Automated Messages, these are only accessible for 30 days from when they were created.

You can export the full text, delivery statistics, and send times, of all messages you've sent from the dashboard by going to the Delivery Tab and then clicking Export.


MessagesUse to get All Messages, Dashboard, API, Automated, or Test messages.
Device TypeFilters notifications sent to specific operating system and channels (Web, Android Mobile, iOS Mobile, Email).
Text SearchCurrently only available for Messages sent from Dashboard (must select Messages: Dashboard Messages).
Start and End DateSort by specific dates.
SearchApply the selected filters to the search.
ExportSend an email containing a CSV of the currently displayed message data to your logged in email.

Emails to download the export typically arrive within a few minutes, but may take up to 30 minutes as delivery statistics propagate.

The CSV will contain up to 1,000,000 rows. If you want to export more than 1,000,000 notifications, just apply a date range or filters to get the export size below 1,000,000 rows. The file will be zipped.
ClearRemoves the currently selected filter data.

Image showing the sent messages

Exported Data Attributes

idThe OneSignal Notification ID.
nameThe name you gave the message.
completed_atWhen the Notification finished sending in UTC format.
total_queuedHow many subscriptions were in the targeting parameters at the time of sending.
successfulHow many messages were delivered to Google and Apple's servers.
failedHow many messages were sent to unsubscribed devices. See What are Failed Notifications for details.
erroredHow many error users were reported, check your OneSignal dashboard settings for more details.
remainingHow many messages are left to be sent.
receivedHow many devices received the message. See Confirmed Deliveries.
convertedHow many messages were clicked.
contentsThe Notification Message body.
headingsThe Notification Title.
queued_atWhen the message was created in UTC format.
send_afterWhen the Notification was set to start sending to subscribers.
urlThe Launch URL set.
dataAny custom data set in the notification.
contents_en, headings_en, etcContents and headings based on language translations provided.
delayed_optionIf timezone or intelligent delivery was used.
delivery_time_of_dayIf timezone was used, the timezone to deliver.
global_imageGlobal Image URL used.
included_segments, excluded_segments, filtersSegments included or excluded if provided. Otherwise, filters used.
isIos, isAndroid, isHuawei, isSMS, isWeb, isEmailPlatforms enabled (t) or disabled (f).
throttle_rate_per_minuteThrottle rate set.
frequency_capped, frequency_capped_statusNumber capped and if capping was enabled.

Channel Specific Attributes

Emailemail_subjectThe subject of the email.
email_from_nameThe senders name.
email_from_addressThe senders email.
isEmailBoolean - indicates if message was an Email message.
SMSsms_fromSender of the SMS.
isSMSBoolean - indicates if message was an SMS message.
Specific Attributes for message sends to Huawei devices.
iOSios_attachmentsAn object of the iOS attachment.
Live Activitieslive_activity_activity_idThese identifiers should be unique to each Live Activity.
live_activity_ios_event_updatesData payload for Live Activity updates.
live_activity_ios_event_kindSpecifies if an event is an update or end of a Live Activity.
live_activity_ios_dismiss_atThe time that the Live Activity will disappear from the lock screen.
live_activity_ios_stale_dateThe time that the system considers the Live Activity outdated and changes Activity State to ActivityState.stale.
Amazon Fireamazon_fire
Chrome Browser Extensionschrome_extension
Windows Phone 8.0windows_phone_legacy

Platform Statistics

Platform statistics enable you to see how a platform is performing.

ChannelData AttributeDetails
Web Pushedge_web_pushHow well users have interacted with web push on Edge Browsers.
chrome_web_pushHow well users have interacted with web push on Chrome Browsers.
firefox_web_pushHow well users have interacted with web push on Firefox Browsers.
safari_web_pushHow well users have interacted with web push on Safari Browsers.
Mobile PushiosHow well users have interacted on iOS devices.
androidHow well users have interacted on Android devices.
How many emails were accepted by the Email Service Provider.
email_deliveredThe email was received by the Inbox Service Provider and should show in the user's inbox.
receivedHow many were accepted by the recipient email server.
openedThe number of times an email has been opened. This can include the recipient opening the email multiple times.
unique_opensThe number of unique recipients who have opened your email.
clicksThe total number of clicked links from your email. This can include the recipient clicking email links multiple times.
unique_clicksThe number of unique clicks that your recipients have made on your email.
bouncedThe number of hard or soft bounces for this email. Emails that soft bounce will be retried several times before they are either successfully delivered or registered as a hard bounce.
reported_spamThe number of recipients who reported this email as spam.
unsubscribedThe number of recipients who opted out of your emails using the unsubscribe link in this email.