Message Name

We are pleased to introduce a concept of a Message Name into our Push and A/B Testing capabilities. This does not override, nor replace a Push Title, but instead allows you a name that can be internally facing. This can be particularly relevant when you have multiple notifications with the same title and so need a name more distinct and internally facing.

Note. Message name is an optional field.


Image showing the ability to set a message name


Image showing Message Name in A/B Testing


How does this appear on the Index Messages page?

If Message Name is present it will appear within the index and be searchable here. However as it is an optional field, if it is not present we default to showing the Notification Title.


Image showing how message name appears in the index

What is the difference between Message Name and Notification Title?

  • Notification Title appears on the Push message, hence is publicly facing and is a compulsory field.
  • Message Name does not appear on the Push message, is not publicly facing and is an optional field. We recommend it to be used for internal purposes and identification only.