Export Outcomes Data

How to download your outcomes data from the dashboard and API


Outcome Data Limitations

Outcomes are only accessible for around 30 days before deleted from our servers. You will need to export this data every month if you want to keep it.

How to Export Outcome Data from Dashboard

Each Message Report contains all Outcome Statistics related to that notification as well as information such as delivery numbers, click-through rate, and influenced opens.

You can also view a cumulative graph of all outcomes over the past 30 days in Delivery > Outcomes.

Use the Search (1) to add the Outcomes you are interested in or select "Show All" (2) to view all Outcomes. You can also click Export (3) and we will email you the currently shown or all Outcomes.


Image showing Outcomes view for export

To export Outcomes through the API, see the View Outcomes endpoint for more details.