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Safari Web Push Setup

How to add Safari support to your Web Push setup.

Chrome & Firefox Setup Required

You must already have set up Chrome & Firefox before adding Safari. Go to Web Push Quickstart to begin.

MacOS Only

Safari on iOS does not support web push. See our list of supported browsers here.

Apple does not support web push on iPhone and iPad at this time.

How to add Web Push for Safari

Adding Safari is an optional step for setting up web push

  1. Go to App Settings and click Configure for the Apple Safari platform.

  2. Type in your Site Name. This is shown when prompting users to subscribe (show me).

  3. Type in the same Site URL as you typed above, except don't enter trailing slashes or subfolders.

  4. If you don't have a .p12 certificate file, don't upload one.

  5. Upload your site's icon. Please upload a 256 x 256 icon for each of the sizes (the icon will be automatically resized for each textbox).

Wordpress Safari Setup

You're all done! Safari should show up as a platform you can send to.

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Safari Web Push Setup

How to add Safari support to your Web Push setup.

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