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Shopify App Guide

How to set up OneSignal Web Push notifications on Shopify sites using the OneSignal Shopify App.

This guide will walk you through how to set up Web Push for your Shopify store using the OneSignal for Shopify app. Check out our blog post for all the details about what we're offering through our new Shopify app.


  • A Shopify store
  • A Shopify store owner account with an email address that is not an existing OneSignal account

Warning for existing OneSignal accounts: Installing the OneSignal App on your Shopify store will not work if you are using an email address for your Shopify account that matches an email address that's already being used for a OneSignal account.

1. Install App

From the OneSignal for Shopify page in the Shopify App Marketplace, click the Add app button. Review the permission request screen, and click the Install app button located at the bottom.

On the confirmation screen that appears, click Let's Get Started.

2. Permission Prompt Setup

To send push notifications to your site's visitors, you first must ask them for permission using OneSignal's permission prompt. The permission prompt must be active on your site for users to be able to subscribe. If you click Skip at this step, the prompt will not be enabled on your site, and visitors will be unable to subscribe to your notifications.

Note: The image you select for the Icon field is shared with the Welcome Message for Step 2.

3. Welcome Message Setup

Welcome notifications are an optional way to thank users after subscribing to your site. Users will see a welcome notification as soon as they subscribe. If you click Skip at this step, the welcome notification will not be enabled.

Note: The image you select for the Icon field is shared with the Permission Prompt from Step 1.

4. Subscribe & Send a Test Notification

Visit the site and subscribe through the OnesSignal permission prompt that you configured in Step 1. If you set the welcome notifications to be active, you should receive one when you subscribe.

Next, send a test notification to yourself from the Campaigns page to test the functionality.

5. Abandoned Cart Recovery Setup

Abandoned Cart notifications are a way to bring shoppers back to your site if they leave after reaching the Shipping step in the checkout process. If you click Skip at this step, the Abandoned Cart notifications will not be enabled.

Testing Abandoned Cart Notifications

If the Abandoned Cart notifications are set to be active, simply add an item from your Shopify store to your cart.

Abandon the checkout process either by navigating to another page or closing the cart's browser tab.

You should receive an abandoned cart notification within approximately 60 minutes from the time you navigated away from the cart.

6. Send Shipping Updates

Shopper satisfaction is very critical in generating repeat business. Keep your customers informed and happy by sending “Shipping Notifications” for their orders. We will automatically send notifications when items in an order are partially or completely fulfilled.

Product Image and Shipment tracking URL (if available, otherwise order status page) will be automatically added to the shipping notification.

Shipping notifications are sent to shoppers who have opted-in to receiving push notifications on your store and have ordered items.

Testing Shipping Notifications
Log in as a shopper:

  • You must have subscribed to notifications from OneSignal in step #4
  • Place a test order
  • Navigate to another page or close the browser tab from which you have placed the test order

Log in as an admin:

  • Activate Shipping Update notifications on OneSignal
  • Fulfil the test order partially or completely on Shopify
  • Test shopper should receive the shipping update with the tracking url (if available)

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Shopify App Guide

How to set up OneSignal Web Push notifications on Shopify sites using the OneSignal Shopify App.

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