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Troubleshooting Xamarin


Troubleshooting Steps

Check this page first for common issues based on Xamarin Setup.

For Android and/or iOS Platform issues see:

Try the example project on our Github repository.

If stuck, contact support directly or email [email protected] for help.

For faster assistance, please provide:

  • Your OneSignal App Id
  • Details, logs, and/or screenshots of the issue.
  • Steps to reproduce

Android Troubleshooting

Java 65K Dex limit errors when building

This error occurs due to the number of Java libraries included in your project.

1. Make sure you don't have any extra libraries you don't need under References or Packages.
2.1. If this doesn't fix the build issue it recommended to Enable Proguard.
2.2. Right click on your Android solution and select Options.
2.3. Select "Android Build".
2.4. Check "Enable ProGuard" and press OK.
2.5. Build you Android app again.
3.1. If ProGuard doesn't resolve the dex limit error then you will need to enable Multi-Dex.
3.2. This is just under the ProGuard setting.

Updated about a month ago

Troubleshooting Xamarin

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