Export User Data

How to download your user and subscription data from the dashboard and API

CSV exportProvides a download link to a CSV file of all user data.
View userRetrieve the current state of a user, identified by the alias_label and alias_id.

How to Export User Data from Dashboard

In Audience > Subscriptions you can export a CSV of all provided data.

  1. Select the segment you want to export or leave unselected for all users (subscribed + unsubscribed).
  2. Make sure the columns that you want to export are present.
  3. Select the Export buttons.
  4. An email will be automatically sent to your OneSignal account's email with a CSV of the data.
Image showing the subscriptions tabe

Image showing the subscriptions tabe

How to Export Subscription Data with Data Tags

In the Audience > Subscriptions tab, you can export a CSV of all user data with those who have more than your current plans data tag entitlement.

In the secondary arrowed dropdown on Export, there is the ability to export all subscriptions with N tags. Note. N will change depending on your plan type, and is the plan-specific data tag limit. This ensures you can always remove tags for subscriptions above your current plans entitlement.


The image shows the export ability for subscriptions above 10 data tags.