FAQ: Clearing Cookies

When someone clears their browser cache/cookies/history this prevents the browser from getting all push notifications from sites to which they are subscribed.

When this happens, it wipes all data about the user, like the subscription_id. This is stored in the IndexedDB of the browser.

Clearing browser data does not reset push permissions to the site. Upon the user returning to the site, the OneSignal SDK checks the permissions, and if push notifications are allowed, it automatically resubscribes the user to web push, which creates a new onesignal_id, subscription_id and push token.

Due to the previous onesignal_id being deleted from the browser, there is no reference to the user (previous onesignal_id) so you will lose tag and other data unless you set up Aliases & External ID to persist the user within OneSignal and all relevant data.