Workflow Automation Integrations

Workflow AutomationDetails
Zapier- A plethora of integrations along with RSS feed
- Set up automated workflows that connect OneSignal with other apps.
- Send push notifications for new posts, no manual work or coding required.
AutoPilot- Send event reminders to ensure your customers turn up.
- Direct mobile users to other marketing channels such as social networks or your website.
- Promote new products or offers to increase sales.
- Remind inactive users to use your app.
- Notify your customers of any changes or disruptions.
Movable Ink- Integrate Movable Ink creative output into OneSignal with our pre-built solution
- Automate content production with reusable content apps that connect to any data source
- Layer in real-time contextual cues such as location and weather, customer data, live inventory, and more