The table below lists all non-customizable properties returned from View Notification. Properties not listed here can be found in Push channel parameters, Email channel parameters, and SMS channel parameters, depending on the target channel.

Common ParametersDefinitions
"successful"Number of notifications delivered to the Google/Apple/Windows servers.
"failed"Number of devices reported as unsubscribed.
"errored"Number of devices with an error. See your "Settings" tab for details or contact Support.
"converted"Number of devices that have clicked/tapped the notification.

converted data will not be shown for Apple macOS & Windows (Phone & Desktop). OneSignal doesn't support SDKs for these platforms.
"received"Number of devices that confirmed receiving the notification aka Confirmed Deliveries.

received data will not be shown for:
Web Push (Safari)
Windows (Phone & Desktop)
Apple macOS
Chrome Extensions
"platform_delivery_stats"Hash of delivery statistics broken out by target device platform.
"queued_at"Unix timestamp indicating when the message was created.
"send_after"Unix timestamp indicating when message delivery should begin.
"completed_at"Unix timestamp indicating when message delivery was completed. The delivery duration from start to finish can be calculated with completed_at - send_after.
"throttle_rate_per_minute"Number of push notifications sent per minute. Paid Feature Only. If throttling is not enabled for the app or the message, and for Free accounts, null is returned. Refer to Throttling for more details.
"outcomes"For a list of Outcomes definitions, see View Outcomes.