View the details of multiple notifications

Optional Path Parameters

limitStringHow many notifications to return. Max is 50. Default is 50.
offsetIntegerPage offset. Default is 0. Results are sorted by queued_at in descending order. queued_at is a representation of the time that the notification was queued at.
kindIntegerKind of notifications returned. Default (not set) is all notification types.
- Dashboard only is 0.
- API only is 1
- Automated only is 3.
template_idStringThe ID of the template you want to query for. You can get this by opening the template in the dashboard and copying the ID from the URL.

Response Data Definitions


Data Definitions

This endpoint returns the same fields as under the View Notification endpoint. More details in that section.

See our Using Postman guide for a low-code solution.
Common parameters:

Common ParametersDefinitions
"successful"Number of notifications delivered to the Google/Apple/Windows servers.
"failed"Number of devices reported as unsubscribed.
"errored"Number of devices with an error. See your "Settings" tab for details or contact Support.
"converted"Number of devices that have clicked/tapped the notification.
"received"Number of devices that confirmed receiving the notification aka Confirmed Deliveries.


API Notification Deletion

Messages sent through the OneSignal API, Journeys, and Automated Messages are only accessible for 30 days from when they were created.

Messages sent through the OneSignal dashboard are accessible for the lifetime of the app.