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OneSignal Billing Questions


Paid Plan Overview

For a full list of pricing details see our Pricing Page.


Subscribed Users

Subscribers are devices that have opted-in to and can receive push notifications. To manage your subscriber count, you can Delete Users from the OneSignal Dashboard or API.


Delivered In-App Messages

These are messages for Mobile Apps only (not available for websites) that are shown to users when inside your Android or iOS Mobile Apps. These are not push notifications or emails.



OneSignal Apps control your user and message data within OneSignal as it relates to your Website and Mobile Apps.



OneSignal Organizations allow you to group one or more Apps together and associate them within a Paid Plan. You can decide which to include under a Paid Plan by adding/removing them from the Organization.


How am I charged?

Growth and Professional Plans have a fixed platform fee and variable subscriber fee.
The Enterprise Plan is customized based on your requirements, best if over 150,000 subscribers.

For mobile push and web push, we charge based on subscribers, and you get unlimited volume of sends. For in-app, we charge based on impressions, since messages can be delivered to all app users regardless of whether they have subscribed.

Flat Rates$9/month$99/month
Subscribers$3 / 1000 subscribers$3 / 1000 subscribers
Delivered In-App Messages (Mobile App Only Feature)$3 / 1000 impressions$3 / 1000 impressions
  • Subscribers: Within your Paid Organization divide the Subscribed Users Count by 1000 and multiply by $3.

  • Delivered In-App Messages: If you are using In-App Messages (Mobile App Only Feature, not available for Websites), you can check your Impressions for the month, add them together. Divide by 1000 and multiply by $3.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes on Growth and Pro plans since they are month-to-month, no contract. You can downgrade to free anytime in the Dashboard > Organizations > Your Org > Billing > Options > Downgrade to Free

This will cancel your subscription with us and add you back to the free account.

Enterprise Plans are subject to terms of the contract.

How do I upgrade my plan?

If you are interested in upgrading to the Growth Plan or Professional Plan, you can easily upgrade in your dashboard. Simply choose the appropriate organization and navigate to the Billing tab.

If you are interested in upgrading to an Enterprise Plan, contact our Sales team for a customized solution.

Invoicing and downloading invoices

How can I pay?

We accept online payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club International, JCB, and PayPal.

Billing is handled securely by Recurly with 128-bit SSL encryption. We don't save any of your billing information on our site.

If you are interested in an Enterprise Plan, you also have the option to invoice payments.

Can I pay in my local currency?

At this time, OneSignal only accepts payments in USD. When making payments, please ensure that all invoices are paid in USD.

How do I find or download an invoice?

Growth & Pro Plans: From your dashboard, click on the "Organizations" Tab. Click on the name of your Organization from the list, then click on the "Billing" Tab to see a list of your invoices.

Enterprise Plans: Please send a request to [email protected] with your full Business Name. We will follow up shortly.

How do I change the address on an invoice?

If you’d like to update your address for invoices, please send a request to [email protected]

Requesting invoices

I'm an account owner. How do I request an invoice from my account?

Invoices can be requested by sending an email request to [email protected]

I'm not the account owner. How do I request an invoice from someone else's account?

You can send a request to [email protected] Please note that you will need to show some proof of association with the account in order to request the invoice.

Using the billing contact list (receiving invoices)

How can I be added to the billing contact list?

To be added to the billing contact list, send an email request to [email protected] Please cc’ the account owner so we can verify this.

How can I be removed from the billing contact list?

To be removed from the billing contact list, send an email request to [email protected] Please cc’ the account owner so we can verify this.

Managing payment and currency

How do I change my credit card information?

You can edit your billing details using the custom billing details link that was sent to you in your Billing Welcome Email that you received when you first activated your payment account. If you cannot locate your link, you can request it by sending an email to [email protected]

My payment was declined. Now what?

If your credit card failed, please make sure update it. Our payment gateway will automatically attempt to re-charge your account in the next batch.

How do I change the payment currency on my account?

At this time, OneSignal only accepts payments in USD. When making payments, please ensure that all invoices are paid in USD.

Can I delete subscribers?

Yes and you should delete users as close to the start of the billing cycle as possible to not be charged for them. If you send messages to all devices for the cycle, then delete users midway or at the end of the cycle, you will still be charged based on your fair usage for that cycle.

Please follow the Delete Users Guide for steps how to do this.

Account suspension

How soon will my account be suspended?

If you're on the Growth or Pro Plans, your account will be automatically disabled after 3 failed attempts to collect payments.

If you're on an Enterprise Plan, our finance team will reach out to you to resolve payments before taking any action on your account. To ensure continuous service, please make sure to pay your invoices in a timely manner.

How do I reactivate my account?

Once all invoices are paid, we reactivate your account within 1 business day. If after 1 business day your account is still inactive, please send an email to [email protected]

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