Hey! These docs are for version 7.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 9.0!


Integrating OneSignal with HubSpot

HubSpot and OneSignal have partnered to automate mobile app and web push notifications from your HubSpot Workflows. Customers can now continue with their marketing workflows on HubSpot and add OneSignal Push Notification to connect with their users on push, all in a seamless manner.

You need to use OneSignal independently for more advanced functionality like A/B testing, intelligent delivery, throttling, retargeting etc.

How to integrate HubSpot with OneSignal?

The integration is enabled by matching users between HubSpot and OneSignal using email addresses.

OneSignal Requirements

  1. In your HubSpot CRM, all your contacts who will receive push notifications should have email addresses. OneSignal connects these emails addresses to push records which enable you to send notifications through the HubSpot dashboards.

  2. You must have the OneSignal SDK integrated following our Web Push Quickstart and/or Mobile Push Quickstart.

  3. Store the emails in OneSignal using setEmail SDK Method. It is recommended to call this method whenever the email is provided across your Website, Android, and/or iOS Apps.

Once complete, your user records in HubSpot and OneSignal will now be linked through the Email Address and will get push across all platforms in which the device is subscribed.

Integration Steps on HubSpot

Install OneSignal on HubSpot

Checkout the OneSignal App in HubSpot marketplace and Install OneSignal.


Add the OneSignal App ID and Rest API Key for the app from which you want to send notifications. You can add multiple OneSignal Apps if needed.


Add OneSignal to the Workflow

Defining the HubSpot Workflow

Within the HubSpot Automation --> Workflows, set an enrollment trigger and choose “Send OneSignal Notification” as a New Action.


Choosing the OneSignal App

Select the OneSignal App you want to use to send the push notification for the Workflow.

Create your notification content

  • Using Message Templates
    You can create Templates in OneSignal Dashboard for your common use cases and select “Use OneSignal Template” as an option from the HubSpot Workflow.

This message will use the preset content from the template to send push notifications.

  • Creating a custom message
    You can also select “Create custom message” as an option and use various fields (Title, Subtitle, Message, Image URL, Launch URL) to create the push notification.
  • Personalize the message content
    You can also use HubSpot contact tokens (e.g., First Name, favorite color) to personalize the notification fields. OneSignal will correctly format the message for different devices and messaging channels.

Message Delivery

Check out your Workflow Action History in HubSpot to see which contacts have received automated notifications, or view a timeline of notifications on your contacts’ activity timelines in HubSpot.



What data is shared between HubSpot and OneSignal?

HubSpotDirectionOneSignal AppDescription
Contacts➡️UsersHubSpot Contact email addresses are used to match OneSignal Users / Devices
Events⬅️MessageOneSignal notifications are logged on Contact Activity Timeline and available for List segmentation in HubSpot
Workflows⬅️Notification TemplatesOneSignal Notification Templates are available for selection in HubSpot Workflows

Additional Details

Please check HubSpot for more information.