Integrating OneSignal with Third Parties


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OneSignal supports the following integrations:

Database, DMP, & CRM IntegrationLink your user data from any external data set to OneSignal. This is generally the best place to start as OneSignal can work in almost any case. Also see our DMP, CDP, CRM Integration Blog Post for more details.
Mixpanel- Boost engagement with more contextualized messaging from OneSignal, triggered when users enter or exit Mixpanel cohorts
- Gain a holistic view of customers by combining Mixpanel in-product user actions and OneSignal message engagement metrics
- Leverage product-level user insights for re-engaging campaigns through OneSignal
Blueshift- Create segment triggered campaigns.
- Dynamically send users a push notifications when an action or event occurs.
- Send user metrics and reactions back into Blueshift to drive future engagement.
Firebase- Connect Data stored in Firebase Firestore and/or Realtime Database
- Send notifications through Firebase Cloud Functions using images in your Firebase Cloud Storage Single view of customer.
- Realtime audiences. Understanding your customer.
- One API.
- Cleaner code.

Analytics IntegrationsNot seeing your Analytics vendor? No problem!
OneSignal's SDK allows you to hook into analytics events around:
- notifications
- user data changes
- prompt actions
AppsFlyerTrack mobile downloads and segment users based on channel, campaign and ads.

Create customized and personalized push notifications and in-app messaging.
Google Analytics for FirebaseTrack Notification Opened, Received (Android only) and Influenced Opened events
Microsoft App Center Analytics- Track and update notification and subscription events as they occur
- Better understand the interaction between your user and the notification they clicked
- Send Custom Events
Popular Analytics Tools- Google Analytics
- Amplitude
- Adobe Analytics
- Oxwall(3rd Party Integration)

CMS & App BuildersDetails
WordPress & ShopifyThe official OneSignal WordPress Plugin and Shopify App. Setup guides:
- WordPress Guide
- Shopify App Guide
Google Tag ManagerEasily run OneSignal code within your Google Tag Manager Setup.
3rd Party Web IntegrationsSupport for web based solutions by 3rd party developers we love! Like VTEX, Laravel, VueJS, CosmicJS and more!
BubblePowerful code-free web application builder
GoNative.ioA popular solution that turns your website into a mobile app and leverages OneSignal out-of-the-box!
AndromoCreate a mobile app. Without code!

Locations & SubscriptionsDetails
Radar- Geofences: More powerful than native geofencing, with unlimited geofences, polygon geofences, and more.
- Places: Detect when a user visits a place, chain, or category without creating geofences for those places
- Insights: Predict a user's home and work locations and detect when a user is at home, at work, or traveling
- Regions: Detect a user's country, state, DMA, and postal code. Simpler than reverse geocoding.
RevenueCat- Fetch products, make purchases, and check subscription status with our native SDKs.
- Host and configure products remotely from our dashboard.
- Analyze the most important metrics for your app business in one place.
- See customer transaction histories, chart lifetime value, and grant promotional subscriptions.
- Get notified of real-time events through webhooks.
- Send enriched purchase events to analytics and attribution tools with our easy integrations.
Apphud- Integrate in-app purchases and subscriptions in your iOS mobile app in 2 lines of code. No server code required.
- View and analyze important revenue metrics to make data-driven decisions. Find out how many users start trials, convert to paying customers and renew.
- Test different in-app purchases on paywall. Run experiments to find a subscription price that maximizes ROI.
- Automatically win back lapsed customers, reduce churn, get cancellation insights using OneSignal integration.
- Send personalized push or in-app message through OneSignal, when a specific event occurs, e.g. if a user cancels a trial or billing issue occurs.

Workflow AutomationDetails
Zapier- A plethora of integrations along with RSS feed
- Set up automated workflows that connect OneSignal with other apps.
- Send push notifications for new posts, no manual work or coding required.
AutoPilot- Send event reminders to ensure your customers turn up.
- Direct mobile users to other marketing channels such as social networks or your website.
- Promote new products or offers to increase sales.
- Remind inactive users to use your app.
- Notify your customers of any changes or disruptions.
Movable Ink- Integrate Movable Ink creative output into OneSignal with our pre-built solution
- Automate content production with reusable content apps that connect to any data source
- Layer in real-time contextual cues such as location and weather, customer data, live inventory, and more