Account Management

Adding, removing, deleting, renaming Apps and Organizations. Setting up Account Administrators.

OneSignal account management has 2 levels of Access including different User Roles:

  1. App Level Access only has Admin User Role. Any emails included at the App Level will have full access to all features for that App only.

  2. Organization Level Access has 2 User Roles:

  • Admin User Role has full access to all Apps under the Organization
  • Viewer User Role has limited access to all Apps under the Organization.

Details on permissions available can be found below:

PermissionApp-Level AdminOrg-Level AdminOrg-Level Viewer
Billing InformationNoYesNo
User PermissionsNoYesNo
Add/Remove Account AccessingYes (App-level only)YesNo
Two-Step Login AuthenticationYesYesYes
Add/Remove Apps within OrganizationNoYesNo
Delete Subscribers, Apps, and AccountYesYesNo
Rename Apps and OrganizationsYes (App-level only)YesNo
Reset OneSignal PasswordYesYesYes
Reset OneSignal EmailYesYesYes
Access/Reset REST API KeysYesYesNo
Send MessagesYesYesNo
Create SegmentsYesYesNo
Access App User and Notification DataYesYesYes (Read-only)

Accessing and Editing Billing Information

Enterprise Plans please contact [email protected] with your full Company Name and billing email if available.

Growth & Professional Plans can view and edit billing information under Organizations > Your Paid Organization Name > Billing

Downgrading Paid Plans to Free

Select Options > Downgrade to Free > verify your Organization Name (check for spaces).

Starter Plans can downgrade to free anytime. See our Billing FAQ for more details.

Add, Remove, or Update User Access

App-Level Administrators can assign emails to have access under Settings > Administrators > Add Another button. You will need to add Org-Level Admin emails to the app level to add the App to an Organization.


Organization-Level Administrators can assign emails to have Administrator or Viewer Permissions within Organizations > Your Organization > Roles > Add Person


Viewer Level User Permission are only available at the Organization Level on Paid Accounts. Free Accounts only get Admin Level Permissions.

Users can be removed from the App or Org.
User Roles can be updated for an Org using the Options button next to the email.


Add or Remove Apps within an Organization

Add Apps to an Organization inside Orgs > Your Organization > Add Apps

You must have Org-Level and App-Level Access to add an App to the Organization. Contact your App Admins and ask them to follow this guide: Adding Administrators To Your App.


Remove Apps from an Organization inside Organizations > Your Organization > Options > Remove App From Organization


Deleting Apps, Subscribers and Accounts


Deletion is Permanent!

Once you delete data from OneSignal, it cannot be undone.

Delete Apps

You can delete Apps that have under 5,000 Total Users and are not associated with an Organization. To delete an app with 5,000+ Total Users, please contact OneSignal Support.

To delete and App with less than 5,000 Total Users and associated with an Organization, first Remove the App From the Organization.

Then in the Apps, select "Options" > "Remove".


Delete Users

To delete users, see our Delete Users Guide.

Delete Account

Deleting your account from OneSignal will only delete your specific email from our database. It will not delete Apps or downgrade your Paid Plan. Before deletion, make sure to do the following:

In the top-right of your OneSignal Dashboard, select the icon > Account & API Keys.


Scroll to the bottom and select "Delete your account". If you have a paid plan, make sure to Downgrade your account first.


Rename Apps and Organizations

Under Apps, next to the app, select Options > Rename.

Under Organizations, next to the Organization, select Options > Rename.

Reset OneSignal Account Password

In the top-right of your OneSignal Dashboard, select the icon > Account & API Keys.

Enter a new password, confirm the password and select Submit.


Reset OneSignal Account Email

In the top-right of your OneSignal Dashboard, select the icon > Account & API Keys.

Enter a new email and press Submit. You will get an email to your current email to confirm the change. Check your spam folder if you do not get this email.



I am on the paid plan. Why am I still seeing limitation notices?

If you're already on a paid plan and are receiving account limitation notices, chances are your app/website isn't a part of your paid plan organization.

To remedy this, please follow the instructions to Add an App to your Organization

If you need assistance, please email [email protected] with your Full Company Name and a list of OneSignal App IDs you would like added to your Organization and we will process this for you.

I run an agency, what are my options?

OneSignal is setup to have an Organization (the Parent) that controls payments and OneSignal Apps (children) that control the data from the site and/or mobile apps.

Since our pricing is based on total subscribers per app added to an Organization, you have 2 options:

  1. you can setup your account with us under your Organization to hold all your client's OneSignal apps and you handle payment.
  2. you or your clients can setup their own apps and organizations to pay us directly (if they need a paid account).

In either case, you can separate which apps need to be "free" and which ones need to be "paid" by simply adding the "paid" ones under the Organization.

If you need further clarification, please reach out to our sales team and tell us about your needs!