SMS Overview

Overview of OneSignal SMS Messaging

OneSignal supports SMS as a messaging channel to provide you with more ways to reach users.

Why use OneSignal for SMS?

  • Integrated Platform for all your messaging needs. OneSignal is the market leader in Push and In-App and has a strong Email offering. With SMS, we cover all your messaging needs through a centralized platform. Unify all your users and data with OneSignal to send consistent, on-brand communications across all your channels.
  • Drive Results - SMS is a powerful re-engagement channel and has among the highest open and engagement rates of all messaging channels.
  • Marketing SMS - Send relevant, targeted texts easily with OneSignal. Add emojis, images, audio, and video for MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service), all with no code. Use SMS to offer discounts, promote sales, announce new products, and more to re-engage your users.
  • Transactional SMS - OneSignal’s powerful APIs integrate with your systems to automate SMS messages. Keep your customers updated with personalized confirmations, updates, recommendations, and reminders at scale.
  • Mobile-first Messaging - Directly reach users on their mobile, even when you don’t have an app, when your customers haven’t downloaded your app, and when your customers don’t have a smartphone.


OneSignal SMS supports sending messages using regular 10 digit Long Codes, Short Codes, and Toll-Free numbers.
Support for AlphaSender IDs and Twilio Messaging Service IDs is coming soon.

Feature Details

SMS SetupQuick guide on the setup and pre-requisites
Sending SMSDetails on how to create and send SMS
SMS APIsSend and View SMS from our powerful APIs
Delivery StatisticsAnalytics on the sent SMS

SMS Provider Support

Currently, OneSignal only supports Twilio. Please connect with OneSignal support to let us know if you would like to use other SMS providers.


Separate Twilio Pricing

SMS is free to use on OneSignal until the trial period ends. However, customers still need to pay Twilio for sending SMS.

What’s Next