Hey! These docs are for version 7.0, which is no longer officially supported. Click here for the latest version, 9.0!

**Mismatched Users** is thrown when Google returns a `MismatchSenderId` error. This is because some users' FCM registration tokens are tied to a Google Server API key that no longer matches their current project's Google Server API key.

This generally occurs if..

  1. your Firebase project was deleted

  2. you changed the Firebase Project Id and/or Firebase Server API key

  3. you are still using the GCM keys and need to switch over to FCM, see [Updating GCM To FCM](🔗)

## Steps to Resolve

### Android

**1.** Open your [project's Firebase Developer Console](🔗) and navigate to the Firebase Project Number (Sender Id) and the Server API Key.


**2.** Make sure these keys match in your [OneSignal Settings > Platforms > Android configuration](🔗) **Firebase Server Key** and **Firebase Sender Id**


**3.** If your keys match, then the listed devices are likely old test devices that can be [deleted](🔗) or open the app again on these devices to be moved to the new keys. Press **SAVE** on the OneSignal Android modal to clear the warning.

If you're using another SDK that uses push notifications, make sure the same Google Project Number is used both in our SDK and the other SDKs.

If your Firebase keys were deleted or have changed, you can use new keys and update the OneSignal configuration by following these steps:

Android Messaging Warning

Keep in mind that changing your current setup will cause all devices that subscribed to the old project number to become invalid and will not be able to receive notifications until they re-open the app. Upon which, our SDK will update them to the new project number. No app update required.

#### Steps to change Android FCM Keys

**1.** Login to [onesignal.com](🔗) and visit [Settings > Platforms](🔗) for your app. The URL should look something like this:



**2.** At the end of this URL, add:


So the entire URL will look something like this:


Then press "enter" or "return" on the keyboard to go to that url. It should look like the current page.


**3.** Click the Android configuration to update your FCM project number and server api key. If you need to create new keys see [Generate a Firebase Server Key](🔗).

Then press **SAVE** to update the keys.

We hide this URL because when you change your keys, your android users will not be able to receive notifications anymore until they re-open your app again.

If you are having a hard time, please contact [email protected] with your app ID, Firebase Sender ID and Firebase Server API key that matches and we will update it for you.

#### Update GCM to FCM

If you are changing from GCM to FCM you can import the GCM keys into Firebase which will keep the same project number / sender ID but will make it FCM.

Within https://console.firebase.google.com press "Add project" and select your existing Google project to import it to FCM.

You will see your GCM projects listed when you click the down arrow like this: https://i.imgur.com/ztLmdYJ.png

Then follow [Steps to change android FCM Keys](🔗).