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Data Collected by the OneSignal SDK

List of data collected by OneSignal SDK

The following are data fields that the OneSignal SDK collects automatically, manually, and/or through user permission. These do not need to be sent via Tags. To see a list of recommended tags to send OneSignal for use in segments, see Add User Data Tags

To learn about how to customize which data is collected and how manage user consent for data collection, please read our guide on Handling Personal Data.

Data that can be used to target audiences by Segments:


First Session Time

Date & time the user first used the app / visited the website

Last Session Time

Date & time the user most recently used the app / visited the website

Session Count

Number of times the user has used the app / visited the website

Total Usage Duration

MOBILE - The number of seconds the user has ever interacted with the app, as recorded whenever the app is in the foreground

Device OS

Operating system of the device / browser

Device Rooted

android - Whether the user has a rooted device
iOS - Whether the user has a jailbroken device

Device Language

The language the device / browser reports

Time Zone

The most recent time zone the device / browser was in


The most recent country the device / browser was in (ISO 3166-2 format)

Push Status

Whether the device / browser has push notifications enabled or disabled

App Version

MOBILE - The version of the app the most recent session reported the user running

In App Purchases

MOBILE - purchases made by the user in the app

Top Applications

MOBILE - Whether the user has specific popular other applications installed on their device (for interest targeting).

The following are data the OneSignal SDK collects that is not able to be segmented:

Google Ad Id and IFV

MOBILE - The Google Ad Id and Apple IFV. See OneSignal Player ID

Your Application Identifier

MOBILE - The package name of your mobile application.

Cellular Carrier

MOBILE - The name of the cellular carrier used by the device.

Device Model

Model name of the device / browser

IP Address

The IP address the device / browser is visiting from.

The following are data the OneSignal SDK collects if your app asks for and receives permission from users:



MOBILE - GPS coordinates of the device

The following are data you may manually send to OneSignal:



Our SDKs support sending us the user's email if you wish to use OneSignal to deliver emails to users.


You can send any additional data to us about a user as a tag.